Livelihood initiatives in Zabadani

In the most tranquil lane in Zabadani you need only to follow the hammer sound to reach Mr. Ahmad Knaish at his small productive and well-organized workshop.
On the way to that shop, you will get sight of unforgettable visual scenes, among them the livelihood projects launched to encourage the local townspeople to return home and regain their lives there. As soon as you reach Ahmad’s workshop, you will discover that the 54 years old man is highly professional in repairing domestic ovens.
Ahmad, whose difficult circumstances were his pure motivation to return, said: “I have come back home and regained my career as well”. He was among people who has got a prosthesis by SARC’s center for Prosthetics and Handicapped Rehabilitation.  In addition, he was among 150 people provided with a grant by the Small Economic Initiatives launched by SARC’s livelihood program and supported by the ICRC in Rural Damascus.
It is worth mentioning that the livelihood project managed by SARC consists of several consecutive phases that start with assessments of the beneficiary’s situation and then purchasing and providing the necessary items, then follow up and solve faced problems.

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