The International Committee of the Red Cross on a Visit to SARC’s Al-Zahera Centre in Damascus

Ms. Myrian Ghasser, Head of Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and her deputy, Mrs. Beatrice Oechsli, paid a briefing visit to Al-Zahera center and the Disaster Management Unit -operational response center of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent on 19/05/2015.

The visit, which comes in the mutual cooperation framework between the ICRC and SARC, was accompanied by Mr. Tammam Mehrez, Head of Disaster Management Unit, and Ms. Razan Jaradeh, Head of First Aid Teams. The delegation had a tour to the dispensary, first aid operation room and the disaster management unit. Ms. Ghasser and her deputy met some beneficiaries who talked about the health care services that provided by the center and the volunteers of Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

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