In Hama, Kirnaz city receives aid for the first time after two years

On  February 14th,  2015 The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Hama branch teams had an access to the town of Kirnaz in the northern rural areas of Hama for the first time since 2012. The teams provided sufficient food aid for 341 Internal Displaced People and affected families.

“People in Kirnaz has suffered lack of the different life-sustaining resources through the crisis. They are in dire need for mattresses, blankets, sheets and food supplies”, said Abu-Mahmood, one of the residents in Kirnaz.

For his part Dr. Fadi Ayyash, the president of SARC’s Hama branch, noted that Hama SARC Brach has spared no effort in delivering aid to all affected people in the area especially those of Kirnaz town who suffered the most due to the current circumstances.

In the same context, Mr.Mazen Makkiyeh, Director of SARC’s Hama branch said “Now SARC’s teams are in Kirnaz and this will allow more food and relief aid into the town. On the other side, the initial reports indicate that more than 1200 families in Kirnaz city are in dire need of food and relief support.”

It is worth mentioning that SARC’s Hama branch has exerted all possible efforts to support the most affected and vulnerable of the society. It has delivered various services in fields of relief, health, psychological support, first aid, water, sanitation and hygiene promotion. In total, the number of beneficiaries in Hama has reached 500000 persons per month.

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