Dream Game Reveals a doctor for the future

What is your dream? This simple question has been enough to strike up a long heartfelt dialogue with a child who has witnessed a lot of tragedies during the Syrian crisis, yet those calamities were not able to strip him of his dream. Being a volunteer doctor in the service of humanity in Syrian Arab Red Crescent is Mahmoud’s genuine dream.
Mahmoud, 12 years, is one of the children psychosocial support team met in Madaya. Successfully, Mahmoud overcame his grief and isolation owing to the relentless efforts of PSS.
Thanks to the recreational activities conducted by PSS team every Monday, Mahmoud managed to restore his abilities of cooperation, integration, and communication with his peers.
Monday will always be marked by Mahmoud and the kids of Madaya as a day to cherish since it reminds them that they should never cease dreaming because one day our dreams can come true.

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