Delivering Humanitarian Aids Convoys to the Affected

Photo: SARC / Ismaiel Tayyar Photo: SARC / Ismaiel Tayyar

Photo: SARC / Ismaiel Tayyar

During the last two weeks of June 2015, Syrian Arab Red Crescent teams continued delivering and distributing humanitarian aids to the affected people all over Aleppo governorate. Distributed aids included 185 trucks, 50 of which got unloaded at SARC warehouse in Abi Hanifa Mosque and delivered to relief committees to be distributed to the affected people in western neighborhoods of Aleppo city. A convoy of 42 trucks was escorted for a safer access through front-lines (Aleppo – Damascus International Highway) after coordinating with all parties on ground to reach SARC warehouse in Jisr al-Haj in eastern parts of Aleppo, as well as delivering two convoys of 56 trucks to northern and western Aleppo countryside.

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