The IFRC Secretary General checks the relief services in SARC-Homs

On 21st of April, Mr. Baher Al-Khayal, SARC-Homs deputy of board of directors received Mr. Elhadj As Sy, the IFRC Secretary General, and his delegation. They were briefed on SARC-Homs’ services such as the disaster management’s activities and the livelihood activities in Homs Old City, provided to beneficiaries. In addition, they paid a field visit to Ebra Alsharq warehouse to check the humanitarian aid convoy, which was prepared for the people in Alrastan in Homs Northern countryside, and which IFRC provided with 12000 health kits, 9250 baby diapers and 500 food parcels.  

Relief aids reach Al-Dar Alkabirah

Through cooperation between SARC-Homs  and the UN  offices, the Disaster management ‬ committee have completed delivering 18 trucks of humanitarian aids to SARC-Homs point in Al-Dar Alkabirah on Sunday the 3th of April . 21 volunteers participated in that mission, which took more than 24 hours. Further, these relief aids were provided by “ IFCR ‬, WFR‬, UNICEF,UNHCR‬, and WHO” and more than 4400 families will benefit from them for a month. It is worth mentioning that the last convoy that reached Al-Dar Alkabirah was in May 2015.  

Greetings on International Women’s Day

On the International Women’s Day, which is celebrated on March 8th, SARC – Aleppo community center of the (SARC -UNICEF) PSS joint project gave roses and thank-you cards to female volunteers at the center and SARC hospital. This gesture’s objective was to salute and praise all women of the world, especially Syrian ones who challenge the crises to keep moving and give hope for a better future.  

Youth Committee’s first meeting

To enhance  youth’s abilities, SARC-Homs Youth Committee held its first meeting for the age group of 12 to 14 years old. The committee discussed the principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the basics of collective work in SARC, and of work’s mechanism during the next periods. It is worth mentioning that on the 9th of January, SARC-Homs human resources finished receiving young  applications aged from 12 to 16 years old.


 The UNITED NATIONS IN SYRIA, THE SYRIAN ARAB RED CRESCENT AND THE INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS ON THE DELIVERY  Damascus, 18 January 2016 The United Nations (UN), the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Syria have continued to carry out humanitarian deliveries following an agreement concerning the Syrian towns of Foua and Kafraya in Idleb and Zabadani and Madaya in Rif Damascus. Earlier today, A joint UN, SARC and ICRC team carried out coordinated humanitarian tasks with four teams simultaneously to Foua, Kafraya , Zabadani and Madaya. The joint… Read More »

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