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13 years of voluntarism is merely a start!

43-year-old Tawfik says: “13 years and it still feels like I started yesterday” Tawfik has been a volunteer in SARC since 2005, his journey involved several stages, of which the first was working as an  ambulance driver and soon he was eager to join the first- aid- team and so he took a training in the principles of first aid and started his duties as a paramedic in addition to his first job as a driver. Tawfik is a father of 4 children which is definitely not an easy thing but since he’s also involved in the humanitarian work that makes his day much… Read More »

“Humanitarian work is the most transcendental thing in her life”

Through her life, Lama (29) has done her best to help those in need as much as she could. 8 years ago, she joined SARC as a volunteer in order to have access to more affected people and support them efficiently. “Humanitarian work is the most transcendental thing in my life.” she said. Lama has managed to make a balance between her humanitarian duty and her education. She has successfully obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics and commerce and managed to reach a post of hygiene promotion coordinator due to her excellence in volunteerism, where she has learned to work with… Read More »

“Since crisis excludes no one….It might affect me as well”

“The name of my mother (Jamilah, which means beautiful) has its meaning over the years when I was close to her before the crisis in  Syria, but today things changed and my mother is far from me which gave my life different face and taste,” Said Imad. Imad, the darling of his mother, grew up to his 30s and has dedicated himself to help affected and displaced families with the motivation of love he fed by his mother. “Since crisis excludes no one, it might affect me as well. I always think about affected families and tries to walk in their… Read More »

13 Years in fields of charity

It is essential and usual alike for Mouhamad to stay vigilant to receive emergency calls at his working place in SARC-Response unite. Mouhamed, whose experience in volunteerism has extended back to 13 years ago, when he joined SARC – Hama branch, has recognized the value of the teamwork and the importance of the specialization. He also learned to be calm and good listener while communication with beneficiaries. “The humanitarian work is a vibrant action because it is built on giving,” He said Similar to most Syrians, Mouhamed wishes that peace and happiness prevail over his beloved country, Syria.

Sympathy provokes humanitarian work

It is well known that sympathy is a heartfelt emotion that motivates humankind to help each other, and this is why Douaa (27) volunteered in SARC- #Qounaitera branch 3 years ago. She has joined the mobile clinic team where she learned how to turn sympathy to a genuine assistance. She was keen to provide #humanitarian services, though the crisis obliged her to leave her home and to give up her study in Agriculture engineering. Today, Douaa dreams of returning to her home and college and has hope that tomorrow is a better day.

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