SARC Stories

The Motherhood options are based on the value and the power of giving

The crisis has changed the immoderate life of Om Abdul AlGhaffar and has left her in front of two choices, either to surrender to her difficult circumstances or to confront life with determination and confidence. The second choice stood up for a mother who is used to be the core of power to her children. Om Abdul AlGhaffar found by joining the Syrian Arab Red Crescent organization in Daraa branch the support at various levels especially on the personal level, where the work granted her the ability to adapt to reality changes so that she could be an example to… Read More »

Losing loved ones is peculiar but Mother’s patience is homeland

  The mother has determination and faith beyond human ability to endure difficulties and sorrows. Um Sa’ad overcame the bitterness of the three siege years patiently and persistently derived during her 50 years of life confident that tomorrow will gather her with her husband and four sons living in Damascus. She gazes in their photos which filled the walls of her house every day and night with her eyes full of tears with sorrow on their leave. Since she is living alone; she used to have lots of extra food over her needs that SARC volunteers use to bring when… Read More »

Mother’s compassion illuminates the deep darkness

Despite all sorrows she had witnessed, war could not put out the glitter in her hazel eyes, where Alaa had to leave her home in Al-Hajar Al-Assoad to save her five children, and her motherhood feeling to save anything else from their belonging.  She says as a mother: “we had a House and our own stuff, whereas now we only have each other and that’s all that matters.” The 30-year-old lived two displacements experience with her family, first one to Quneitra, while the second to Jdaedet Al-Fadel in rural Damascus where she is living a skeleton-building for the last three… Read More »

Far by distances, close by maternal love

Distances mean nothing to her. She does not care for the cruelty of expatriation as she knows how to handle the feelings of missing her sons staying abroad. Om Shadi makes candles and accessories and sends them to her daughters abroad to throw some colorful lights on their dark nights and a decoration embrace and accompany their beautiful occasions. Om Shadi learned the principles of these crafts while participating in vocational training courses held by SARC Branch in Swaida. She began adding her taste and artistic touch alongside a lot of love to what her products that became another type… Read More »

“I shall be a SARC volunteer”

Arabic language is Sara’s favorite subject at school, thanks to SARC volunteers. From the beginning of school, Sara, 9, started to come to the Al-Ghizlanieh community centre in Rural Damascus. She enjoys all activities, especially handicrafts. Red is Sara’s favorite color, because it is the color of the Red Crescent. “I keep coming here, and in the future, I want to help little children like SARC volunteers do,” she explains. “My mother likes to take my brothers and me also to the SARC clinics if we need to meet a doctor”.

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