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Mothers Carrying out Humanitarian Duty: Volunteer Lina Samra

By Sana Tarabishi Lina Abou Samra, the volunteer, wife and mother, says: “The passed four years of crisis were extremely tough to me as it was to every Syrian.. Long work hours.. Difficulties in providing essential needs.. Lack of services in the city.. but above all, insecurity and the constant fear of the unknown. The one and only thing that made this crisis a beautiful memory was meeting my husband, Ayham, getting married to him and building a family that overcame all the obstacles. Despite how hard it is to live in times of crises, I was able to successfully carry… Read More »

Mothers Carrying out Humanitarian Duty: Razan Agha

By Sana Tarabishi Razan Agha is one of those volunteers. “No one can deny how tough the Syria crisis is in many aspects. We all suffered from it, but my biggest fear was toward my daughter of being unable to provide her the decent life she deserves. I was afraid of running out of children’s medications, milk and food specially when witnessing the sufferings of other women while carrying out relief work. I have always been obsessed with the fact that my daughter along with every kid in this country does not deserve living this way. The biggest difficulty we faced… Read More »

Mothers suffer displacement and family fragmentation

By Afaf Mirzo As the crisis in Syria entered its fifth year, the scenes of pain and suffering continues to show up as before. However, The Syrian women become had to suffer the most due to the ongoing miserable circumstances that tied her with heavy burdens, but couldn’t hinder her from playing her basic role as a mother.   “Um Hasan” is 38 years old. She is a Syrian mother who experienced much of cruelty and pain within the crisis. “I was living with my husband and our four sons in a village in Idleb area. Hasan ,my elder son, 17… Read More »

SARC teams on alert to alleviate the threatening winter conditions in Syria

By Vivian Tou’meh, Syrian Arab Red Crescent Volunteers from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) have been deployed following heavy snow storms which hit the country in recent weeks. Volunteers have been helping people to move out of unfinished buildings and providing heat, blankets and warm clothes. Dr. Abdul Rahman Attar, President of SARC said: “The snowstorm has shown once more that our staff and volunteers are ready and prepared to respond at all times. We thank all SARC those who were able to help people in the freezing weather.” In Damascus, volunteers responded to several cases related to ice… Read More »

Syrian displaced living on the edge

By Viviane Tou’meh,SARC In this part of the world – about 10km from Adra city, in al-Duwair area – a small camp has became a home for 2,450 people, around 500 families, after their displacement from Adra city. This camp consists of 200 small cabins built from cement and was used previously as training place for school’s students during summer holidays. The weather was nice during our visit to this camp and many residents were outside catching some warmth from the sun. Abu Mohammed, a father of seven children, was cooking rice with ghee, he said: “I had to cook… Read More »

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