SARC Stories

Love power helped her to overcome severe illness

Um Khaled (96 y), who left her home in Deir Ezzour and came to live in Jaramana (Rural Damascus) two years ago, smiled once she mentioned the Syrian Arab Red Crescent support, particularly the medical services provided to her at the physiotherapy center by volunteers and specialists. Her sober facial contours reflect strong determination to go forward in life and recover from the stroke, which left her on a wheelchair with a motionless hand and leg. “I was unable to move or even wave my hand to greet my loved people. Nevertheless, through the three-month medical process, I have got… Read More »

Tawfiq claims his experience

“I can now provide a better life for my six children and fix my damaged home”, said Tawfiq. Due to the bad security situation in the area of Douma, Tawfiq and his family left Douma to the village of Ein Al-Tineh in Al Qutaifah area. Tawfiq has 28 years of experience in blacksmithing but employers used to pay him low wages. Therefore, to better his financial situation and guarantee his monetary benefits, he registered with the small grants program which is part of the vocational training department of #SARC-HSP funded by the #UNHCR.Syria and in a short period of time… Read More »

Investing in their artisanal /crafting skills to build a better future.

The vocational training department of SARC-HSP funded by Unhcr conducted an artisanal exhibition using recyclable material on the 6/02/2019 at Ras Al-Bassit satellite center in Lattakia to showcase the work of 24 IDP women who have been trained to gain and improve their artisanal skills. “Before enrolling, I had beginners recycling skills and I used to create few things, but now due to the practical and technical skills learned during the course, I can support my family financially “said Fadia. The exhibition was attended by the community members, the UNHCR livelihood coordinator alongside SARC Lattakia branch volunteers and a team… Read More »

Youssef will defeat the cancer and be a famous footballer

You just need few moments with Youssef (12 years) to realize that his great hopes and sense of humour give him enough power to conquer the most severe diseases. His nice words and energetic moves draw a smile on everyone’s face during an activity carried out by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent for children with cancer in Daraa. “Despite his pains and suffering, he has never given up. Despair has found no way to his heart or laughter or dreams, which will come true absolutely” said his mother. Youssef is fond of football and does not miss the opportunity to… Read More »

His father is his superhero

In Rukban, we met Qaed (a name means leader) whose t-shirt carries the emblem of Superman, the most loving character for children. Qaed is considered a superman in the camp and beloved by all. However, for Qaed, the superhero is his father, who has accompanied him during the worst days. Qaed and his family have been staying in Rukban since three years. Today, he wants to go to school to learn, to become a real hero of his tough time and to inspire children of his age as he believes that determination is stronger than hard times

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