Humanitarian Relief Aid Convoy to Bluedan Town

In coordination with all active parties on ground, joint exerted efforts by the Disaster Management teams of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Damascus branch and Damascus Rural branch managed to deliver the first convoy of food and non-food relief aid items to Bluedan town on June 1st 2015. The convoy, which is provided by the UN offices, contained: 1000 food parcel, 1000 hygiene parcel, 300 diapers for olds, 1000 baby diapers and 1000 sanitary napkin. Moreover, the convoy was loaded also with 3000 breadbasket, that supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red… Read More »

TOT Course for Psycho-social Support Team

Building Capacities is ranked on the top priorities at the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Organization. Therefore, the organization launched a TOT course for psycho-social support team on May 11- 17/2015. The course brought 27 volunteers together and included various topics that aimed to enhance the competences and capabilities of the PSS trainers. Dr. Fayzeh Al-Abdullah, PSS Project Coordinator shed light to the importance of the course saying: ‘The course is aimed to habilitate the volunteers and enable them to manage training courses at their branches. The current training concentrates on the technical aspect that related to the means of training,… Read More »

Dr. Hazem Bakleh Represents SARC Organization in the 68th World Health Assembly 2015

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent participated in the 68th World Health Assembly 2015 that held on May 18- 26, 2015 in Geneva. Dr. Hazem Bakleh, MD, Director of Medical Services of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, attended the assembly as SARC’ representative, and  lit a candle in memorial for fallen health workers who lost their lives for others to live. During the assembly, Dr. Bakleh gave a word on dangers that put healthcare personnel at risks. “I know first-hand the fear, danger and risk that have become inherent to our jobs.  As humanitarians, it is our duty and our passion… Read More »

The International Committee of the Red Cross on a Visit to SARC’s Al-Zahera Centre in Damascus

Ms. Myrian Ghasser, Head of Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and her deputy, Mrs. Beatrice Oechsli, paid a briefing visit to Al-Zahera center and the Disaster Management Unit -operational response center of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent on 19/05/2015. The visit, which comes in the mutual cooperation framework between the ICRC and SARC, was accompanied by Mr. Tammam Mehrez, Head of Disaster Management Unit, and Ms. Razan Jaradeh, Head of First Aid Teams. The delegation had a tour to the dispensary, first aid operation room and the disaster management unit. Ms. Ghasser and her deputy met… Read More »

SARC and ICRC Sign Cooperation Agreement

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the International Committee of the Red Cross  signed a mutual cooperation agreement concerning the relief program 2015 on May 23rd 2015. The agreement was signed with the attendance of Dr. Abdulrahman Attar, President of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, Ms. Myrian Ghasser, Head of ICRC Delegation, Mr. Sameer Tallaj, SARC’s Relief Program Coordinator and Mr. Govinda Prasad Dahal, ICRC’s Relief Program Coordinator. This agreement is to enhance the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Organization and its exerted efforts to providing relief services to vulnerable people in the current crisis. Moreover, the agreement is similar to that of 2014… Read More »

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