Psychological Support Team Launch New Training Course

Within the increasing number of the affected people resulting from the deteriorating situation in Syria, the workload weighing heavily down SARC’s Psychological Support Team.  These huge tasks prompted the team to develop its staff members’ skills, so to carry out the psychological care services perfectly. Based on the need for skills development, The Syrian Arab Red Crescent and in cooperation with the UNICEF, organized four day training course in Damascus with title of “Therapeutic interventions & Consultations”. The course targeted the psychological multidisciplinary clinics’ team, and provided training to Aleppo clinic’s psychological specialists, mobile teams’ technical specialists and consultations centers.… Read More »

Helped by 24/24 SARC Teams…. More 3000 Comers to Al-Dwair Sheltering Center

For the fourth day SARC’s Damascus branch disaster teams work in urgent response to an evacuation of 3000 people mostly of women and children. Those people who got out of the Eastern Ghouta and Damascus rural areas were settled in Al-Dwair sheltering center. Therefore, SARC’s teams embarked on evaluating the new comers’ needs and distributing relief items, which are provided by ICRC. The relief items totaled to 3000 canned food parcels, 8000 blankets, 1000 mattress and 1000 mats. On their side, SARC’s mobile clinics checked up sick ones, and the primary first aid teams transferred 12 case to the local… Read More »

IFRC Secretary General visits Syria

On 21 December 2014, Dr. Abdul Rahman Attar, President of the Syrian Arab  Red Crescent, welcomed Mr. Elhadj As Sy, Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), at the Headquarters of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in Damascus, where Mr. Sy was briefed about the activities of the Organization. From his side, Dr. Attar explained to Mr. Sy what SARC is doing in response to the crisis and emphasized the relationship of SARC with National Societies, the IFRC and other humanitarian agencies. During the visit, Mr. As Sy visited all departments in… Read More »

Dr. Attar meets the Assistant Secretary- General Regional Humanitarian Coordinator

25/1/2015  The Syrian Arab Red Crescent President, Dr. Abdul Rahman Attar met the Assistant Secretary- General Regional Humanitarian Coordinator, Mr. Kevin M. Kennedy and with the attendance of Mr. Yacoub al-Helo, the Representative of the UN Development Program and Coordinator of UN Humanitarian Aid in Syria. The meeting, which took place at the SARC’s headquarters in Damascus, involved discussions about the active working international organizations that cooperate with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in providing humanitarian aid. They talked over the best ways to increase these humanitarian aid that covered only 4% of the needs. On the other hand, the… Read More »

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