More than 55 responses in January, 2015

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent operational teams conducted more than 55 emergency responses in Jan, 2015. The teams carried out 33 responses with a front line crossing to hot spot areas. In Aleppo, they secured safe crossing to 72 humanitarian cases via Boustan Al-Qasser crossing point along with safe crossing to 18 maintenance workers to Suliman Al-Halabi and Bab-Al-Nirab electricity plants. They also delivered hospitals’ maintenance tools to Aleppo eastern areas. In Damascus, the teams executed four responses to Babila, Beit Saham and Al-Qadam areas. They also delivered medical items and vaccines to Douma city in Damascus countryside. In Homs,… Read More »

SARC’s Water Projects satisfy the needs of eighty percent of Syrians in 2014

In cooperation with the International Committee for Red Cross, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent carried out nine water projects in 2014. Under the heavily prevailing conflict in Syria that caused extensive damage to the country’s infrastructures, SARC’s water teams were faced with various tasks that needed huge efforts in order to satisfy the humanitarian needs for water and the disposal of sewage in affected areas all over Syria. However, the SARC’s water project’s team managed to support 80% of the Syrian residents in 2014. The team provided technical equipment and spare parts for water and sewage plants. It also provided… Read More »

SARC’s Water Project Held its Annual Meeting

For the second consecutive year SARC’s Water Project held its annual meeting on 6-10/2/2015. The meeting is aimed to shed light over the achievements accomplished by the water project’s team throughout 2014. The meeting involved also a presentation showing the Project’s Strategies for 2015 and means of cooperation with the partners. On the other hand, the attendants discussed the work mechanisms along with the difficulties and the problems that encounter the Water Project’s team at work all over the Syrian governorates.  

More than 120000 beneficiaries in Jdadet Al-Fadel

In cooperation with The Ministry of the Water Resources and the UNICEF, SARC’s Water Team has carried out a task of water delivery to Jdadet Al-Fadel area which face a terrible water lack problem. The team continues to transfer 1200 m3/ per day in water tank to the mentioned area. The task, which started on Dec 1st 2014, is expected to be end up in March 2015 with beneficiaries of  120000 per day.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent Launches its New Website

Damascus 27/1/2015 The Syrian Arab Red Crescent launches its new website, so to shed light to the SARC’s various activities and to be in touch with the Syrian People and the organization’s partners in humanitarian work. “Though the Syrian crisis entered its fourth year, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent continues to provide its services to the affected people around the country. As we hope the new website will reflect the pure reality of SARC’s exerted efforts and activities in fields of first aid, primary health care, disaster management, water and sanitation and Psycho-social Support.” Said Dr. Abdul Rahman Attar, the… Read More »

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