Water & Sanitation Training Course in Banias Camp

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s water project has supported 80% of the Syrian residents all over the country during the heavily prevailing crisis. In fact, the dire need to securing safe water for all people put SARC with huge task of exerting all needed efforts to succeed the water projects and to support it with logistics and human resources capacities. In this context, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross organized a training course aimed to promoting water & sanitation staff’s skills. The course, which was held in SARC’s camp in… Read More »

Joint Water & Sanitation Program Agreement is signed

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the International Committee of the Red Cross signed an agreement, “Joint Water & Sanitation Program” 2015, on May 18.2015 in Damascus. Dr. Abdulrahman Attar, President of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), noted that SARC hopes this agreement will be effectively and efficiently implemented according to the projects and plans. He also assured that he himself will supervise the project as well as the implementation to make sure that everything is done as planned. In the same context, Dr. Attar took a chance to thank all ICRC and SARC staff members who exerted best… Read More »

َBuilding Capacity Training for 26 Medic volunteers

In the framework of SARC’s First Aid Central Committee plan, 26 first aid volunteers from SARC-Hama branch joind an advanced training course. The course, which was supervised by qulaified trainers from SARC’s branches (Homs, Hama and Tartous) was aimed to support SARC-Hama branch with skillful paramedics  team.The six day course started on May 1st in Baniyas Camp .

SARC’s Water Teams Launches Essential Workshop

Under the title “Mobile Water Treatment Units’ Installment & Use”, SARC’s water team concluded the new workshop which was launched on May 5th 2015. The three day workshop was organized in cooperation with the UNICEF and brought 20 volunteers together along with five engineers from the Public Institution of the Drinking Water. The workshop was dedicated to provide the participants with the basic information on how to install and use the Mobile Water Treatment units. Ms. Farah Al-Rifaei, the engineer supervising the workshop believes that this workshop is highly important saying that “The Mobile Water Treatment units are mobile water… Read More »

Non-food Relief Items to Yalda, Babbila and Beit Sahem Areas

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s teams keep on supporting Syrian and Palestinian families, who were forced out of their homes in Al-Yarmouk Camp, along with the affected families residing in Yalda, Babbila and Beit Sahem areas. SARC’s management Disaster in Damascus Branch succeeded to deliver the first batch of non-relief items (hygiene kits, children clothes and new baby born kits) in order to be distributed to the affected families in the mentioned areas that total to12.500 family. It is worth mentioning that the delivered items are donated by the UN offices in Damascus and that the whole process was supported… Read More »

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