A  SARC Satellite Center at Al-Kom village in Qunayterah

The Humanitarian Support Project of SARC opened a Satellite Center funded by @UNHCR.SYRIA The center offers its services including: Psychosocial Support, Child Protection, Educational Services, General and Medical in-Kind Assistance. The Satellite Center will expand its services to its neighboring communities such as: Ain Al-Thawra, Ain Aisha, Thabia, Al-Mushaqaq, Nabea’ Al-Fawar, Al-Jouwayza, Kom Slouqiyeh, Kom Mihres.   Address: Al-Kom Al-Awsat in front of Al-Nasr Mosque. Tel:  0142550581 – 0958058058  

SARC equips its staff with knowledge and skills through training workshops

During the first half of October 2018, SARC held three training workshops aimed to build capacities and work rehabilitation, which contributes to efficient services’ delivery to the most vulnerable people. The first workshop targeted IM teams with training on infographic design charts presentation using “Adobe Illustrator” program with tools to connecting Excel reports and GIS maps with the program. The second one was launched for 25 volunteers of the livelihood project where they attended sessions on assessments, analysis and the crisis impact on livelihood as well as types of effective intervention. The last one was dedicated for media & communication… Read More »

Trees of hope were planted by the children of Ghouta

This year, the International Day of Peace has been different for the children of Ghouta through their efforts to participate in the reforestation of the Ghouta area. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent with the #SARC-HSP CP in cooperation with the @UNHCR.Syria organized a recreational activity on the 27/09/2018 in several areas of Eastern Ghouta that aimed to strengthen the teamwork spirit and social responsibility in children.

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