SARC teams are daily on ground in Harasta, Saqba, Hamuria and Kafer Batna

Upon a huge response, SARC teams work actively in humanitarian passages and in sheltering centers to provide humanitarian services for the people coming from Eastern Ghouta. They also rushed with ambulances, mobile clinics and food relief items to lend a hand to the people in Harasta, Saqba, Hamuria and Kafer Batna areas. On Monday, March 19, 2018, they managed to enter Saqba, Hamuria and Kafer Batna while on Sunday, March 25, 2018, they entered Harasta for the first time with 1500 bread bags. On Monday, March 26, 2018, they distributed 4000 bread bags and 3000 food parcels. Today, they are… Read More »

“SARC carries out the biggest response on the level of the National Societies in the world” said Eng. Khaled Hboubati, President of SARC in a press conference held jointly with UN.

  On Wednesday, March 28, 2018, Eng. Khaled Hboubati, President of SARC, and Mr. Ali Za’atari, the UN resident humanitarian coordinator in Syria held a press conference to acquaint mass media and journalists with the response carried out by SARC and UN in Afrin and Eastern Ghouta. Mr. Hboubati stressed on the humanitarian message adopted by SARC and the workload that increases day after day with the continuing influx of people from Eastern Ghouta and Afrin. “The humanitarian responses carried out in Afrin and Eastern Ghouta are considered the biggest on the level of national societies in the world” he… Read More »

Motivation is the optimal method of grandmother in raising grandchildren

“There on my grandmother’s lap the world seems warmer. I feel safe while she tells us stories. For me, she is a mother and a father” This is what Batoul says about her grandmother who takes care of her after the family’s breadwinner passed away in the crisis. Um Manhal who takes care of raising her three grandchildren, she seeks to secure all their needs using her skills in baking bread and her earnings from vegetables planted at her own house garden that was funded by one of the livelihood support projects in SARC Lattakia. Grandma looks forward to the… Read More »

Om Ammar’s dolls spread energy

A mother from Rural Damascus grants the dolls to deliver joy to people’s hearts. These dolls made of wool, require Om Ammar to choose and arrange colors, then weave then manually, granting each doll a unique character while maintaining their beautiful smiles. And leaves the buyer with the opportunity to choose the dolls’ names to be closer to them and more relevant to their memories. Om Ammar gained the skill of making toys and other pieces of wool by participating in “Principles of wool knitting” organized by the SARC Social Center in Sehnaya which helped her to start her own… Read More »

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