SARC celebrates International Volunteer Day

Under the patronage of Mr. Hussein Makhlouf, Minister of Local Administration and Environment and Head of the Relief Higher Committee, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent organization organized an event on the occasion of the International volunteers’ day on 5/12/2016. The event was attended by Dr. Faysal Al-Mikdad, Deputy of the Minister Affairs, Dr. Nizar Wihby, Mister of Health, representatives of diplomatic delegations in Damascus, International Federation of the Red Cross, United Nation Offices and the active International Non-Government organizations in Syria. In his word Dr. Abdulrahman Attar, President of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Organization, confirmed the values of the… Read More »

Humanitarian Relief Aid Reached Madaya & Zabadani and Foa & Kiffrya

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC)  in cooperation with the UN Offices and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) delivered two humanitarian aid convoys to each Madaya & Zabadani in Rural Damascus and Foa & Kiffraya in Rural Idleb. The relief aid consisted of food, flour, medicines, medical materials and nutrients for children. The beneficiaries are estimated to reach 8000 families in Maday & Zabadani and 4000 families in Foa & Kiffraya.

SARC volunteers assured the importance of the induction workshop that was organized by SARC in cooperation with the ICRC on 25-26/10/2016.

Kinda Qaza, a SARC- Aleppo volunteer since 2003, said that the ideas that were presented in the workshop may not have been new but of great value and should be put in the hands of the SARC- Aleppo volunteers who were not aware of it. She also noted that the session of International Humanitarian Law was of much significance and some basic headlines and ideas mentioned in the workshop should be agreed upon by other SARC branches. Since the time frame of this workshop was limited, it has been requested to send all relevant documents regarding the said workshop in… Read More »

“Acknowledgement of SARC & the International Movement ” Workshop

25 SARC’s volunteers with strong background in disaster management, first aid and psychosocial support participated in a workshop on 25-26 October 2016. The workshop was organized in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross to set up unified and common concepts, to enrich the participants’ information about the International Humanitarian Law and the International Movement of the Red Cross Red Crescent and to introduce the different fields’ work of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).    

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