Community Health and First Aid workshop

Syrian Arab Red Crescent organization (SARC) in cooperation with UNFPA held a workshop for volunteers working in reproductive health of all SARC branches on 25- 29/8/2017. During the workshop the trainers shed lights to the mechanism of promoting health education, proper health habits and disease prevention in local community. The lectures went through many aspects of the community health concept like family planning, health practices for pregnant & safe delivery, chronic disease and first aid principles.

SARC held two workshops on communication and media skills development

Based on the importance of the media as an impressive tool to the community awareness and to promoting the humanitarian concept and SARC services on a large scale, SARC organized two workshops targeting the communication and media teams in order to polish their skills and develop their experiences supported by British Red Cross(#BRC).  . The first workshop was conducted on 13-17 Aug, 2017, and contained various technical training and practical applications related to the image size, videos editing and rules of humanitarian documentation. The second one was conducted on 20-23 Aug, 2017 and included several approaches in writing to media related… Read More »

Barzeh received humanitarian relief aid

On Saturday, Aug 26, 2017, SARC teams in cooperation with UN and ICRC headed to Barzeh town in Damascus delivering 7 trucks loaded with food items. The items consisted of 4000 food parcels, 4000 canned food parcels and nutritional items for 20,000 beneficiaries.

Women weave reality….Children sing the future

Their hands play on the cadence of hope to weave colorful joys and draw the reality with a brush of persistence. They didn’t allow the tough reality to affect their fine fingers, and managed to reap their fruitful season within a year. Therefore, Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) organized fair where they have their handmade items exhibited on 15/08/2017. The fair was full with handiworks made by the 60 participant from SARC- Aldwael’a community center. The creative works varied among weaved wool, stained glass, bamboo handmade and recycling.

Joint delegation accompanies a humanitarian relief aid convoy to Douma

Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and United Nations (UN) Offices delivered a humanitarian relief aid #convoy (48 trucks) to 35,000 people in Douma city on Aug 17, 2017. The convoy is accompanied with senior delegation headed by Mr. Khaled Hbubati, President of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, and Ms. Marian Ghasser, head of the ICRC delegation in Syria and Mr. Ali Za’atari, UN resident coordinator in Syria. it is worth mentioning that the delivered relief aid which received by SARC Doma Sub Branch relief #aid consists of 7000 food parcels, 7000 flour bags, medical equipment, and routine periodic vaccinesand vaccines for measles

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