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“The Magic Shop” Activity Eliminates Children’s Negative Feelings

Within the framework of the psycho-social support project, the consultancy center launched “the magic shop” activity that targeted 15 children. The activity is aimed to enable the children identifying his negative and positive feelings, and how to eliminate the negative feeling and boost the positive one. The SARC’s volunteers set up the place to look like an attractive magical shop, and start a chat with the children. Each volunteer had a chat with one child and involve in a feeling exchange process, which in turn allow the  child to get rid of his negative feeling and have a positive one… Read More »

“The Front Page” Activity Targeted Adolescents

SARC Aleppo PSS team and mobile teams supported by Danish Red Cross continued their children-targeting activities. “The Front Page”  activity which targeted 45 adolescents in Sina School was among the mentioned activities. It is aimed to introduce the various types of the media like visual, audible , written press… etc and the main differences between them. The attendants were taught  how to write a news report as well as the importance of visual and sound effects over the spectators. These activities are highly important because it improves the sense of creativity, raises  intellectual abilities and polishes skills of cooperation, communication and teamwork due… Read More »

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