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The Syrian Arab Red Crescent Organization in cooperation with the United Nations is delivering humanitarian convoy to the people in Rukban Camp

Damascus: 8/9/2019 On 6/9/2019, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Organization (SARC), in collaboration with the United Nations, has fulfilled its humanitarian duty towards the people in Rukban Camp and dispatched a humanitarian aid convoy to 13.000 people residing there. Since February 18, 2019, SARC has started its humanitarian response in Rukban, where SARC volunteers escourted people coming out from the camp, through a humanitarian passage, to makeshift shelters in Homs city. To date, 18.070 people left the camp and SARC volunteers saved no efforts to meet their needs whether in shelters or in their domicile of choice. Eng. Khaled Hboubati,… Read More »

Health care services alleviate tough living conditions in Rukban Camp

“Burdens! uncountable burdens!” said Abo-Muhamed whose family’s needs has weighed heavily over the three years he lived in Rukban Camp under harsh winter and severe heat in summer. The 70s-year-man, a breadwinner of 8 members, worked there in sheep breeding which caused him a lung disease. Day after day, his condition has deteriorated due to lack of health services and the need to work continuously without being able to have a rest for a while. Today Abo-Mohamed is living in a sheltering center in Homs city, and thanks to Syrian Arab Red Crescent teams who transferred him to the nearest… Read More »

Khatab is going to recover and walk again soon

Since he arrived in Al-Hol Camp, more than 4 months ago, Khatab (9 Y) has had to visit the mobile clinics to get his bandages changed but the wound never healed due to the plates fixed in his leg and hindered his movement. Once the field hospital kicked off, the medical staff there diagnosed his condition, performed an orthopedic surgery, removed the plates and promised that he is going to walk on his own soon. Khatab is one of many medical conditions benefitted from the services provided by the hospital, which is established jointly by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent,… Read More »

Under the slogan “Separated by distances but brought together by the humanitarian work passion and objective.”

Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) shares his experiences with Yemen Red Crescent Society (YRCO) For the implementation of the RCRC Movement principle of the Internationalism on one hand, and for the successful application of the Community-Based Health and First Aid (eCBHFA) program achieved by SARC on the other hand, it was approved for SARC to deliver its experiences in the MENA Zone. The eCBHFA coordinator at SARC-HQ and accompanied trainers have conducted course aimed to rehabilitate facilitators for the same program in Sana’a in Yemen on 17-25/6/2019. 27 participant of the Yemen Red Crescent Society attended the course in order… Read More »

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