News From The Branches

More than 3000 mobility aids were distributed by ‪‎SARC‬ since the beginning of 2015

SARC Aleppo field intervention team had transported mobility aids (50 wheelchairs) to the eastern area of Aleppo across the humanitarian corridor (Bustan AlKaser – AlMasharka) These aids were transported to SARC warehouse in Jisr AlHaj and they were provided by ‪IOM‬ to be distributed to the patients after evaluating their statues. The medical logistics team also distributes mobility aids which are provide by‪ ‎ICRC‬ and ‪‎WHO‬ to the patients in SARC Hospital according to their medical reports Since the beginning of 2015 SARC- Aleppo branch has distributed  3267 wheelchairs

First Aid Teams transfer cases from remote villages in Quneitra

Syrian Arab Red Crescent First Aid Teams in Quneitra branch responded 24/7 to emergency calls immediately . The teams transfer patients from their homes even in remot villages in Quneitra to Abaza hospital and to Damascus hospitals when it needed. 92 cases had been transferred in July 2015, where the teams visited kids gatherings in Khan Arnabe area in Eid Al Feter to make sure that all children are in safe.

SARC-Homs Invest wind power to lighten the Old City

Due to the returning movement to Homs old city of and the increasing need of an alternative power, SARC-Homs supported livelihood services there. It provided the old city  with alternative services such as lights in streets at night to keep the markets activities on work till late hours at night. SARC-Homs disaster management committee “studying projects” team finished the final stage of a pilot project to lighten streets in the mentioned area by wind power. “Al Dandachi for investment” supported this project, that took six months to be prepared. The team put lights in the main entrance of the old city, south-west side of Bani al Sibai neighborhood which… Read More »

SARC’s Quneitra performing an urgent sanitation project in Jweza shelter

Syrian Arab Red Crescent Water and Sanitation team in Quneitra branch has started a sanitation project in Al Jweza shelter at Al Koom area. This project is implementing to serve more than 70 resident family in Jweza, supported by UNICEF. Drilling rot has become bad attraction to insects and rodents; it affected drinking water wells badly, and causes sewage water overflow in residential rooms. Project costs about 7 million S.P, and it is expect to be finished within 25 days from middle of July 2015.

Installing 91 Tanks in Aleppo

Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent continues responding to Aleppo’s water crisis. SARC – Aleppo water and sanitation team and in cooperation with ICRC has delivered and installed 91 tanks during the last week. Tanks, which varied from plastic to bladder and metal, were installed in 59 different points throughout Aleppo city.    

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