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13 Years in fields of charity

It is essential and usual alike for Mouhamad to stay vigilant to receive emergency calls at his working place in SARC-Response unite. Mouhamed, whose experience in volunteerism has extended back to 13 years ago, when he joined SARC – Hama branch, has recognized the value of the teamwork and the importance of the specialization. He also learned to be calm and good listener while communication with beneficiaries. “The humanitarian work is a vibrant action because it is built on giving,” He said Similar to most Syrians, Mouhamed wishes that peace and happiness prevail over his beloved country, Syria.

Sympathy provokes humanitarian work

It is well known that sympathy is a heartfelt emotion that motivates humankind to help each other, and this is why Douaa (27) volunteered in SARC- #Qounaitera branch 3 years ago. She has joined the mobile clinic team where she learned how to turn sympathy to a genuine assistance. She was keen to provide #humanitarian services, though the crisis obliged her to leave her home and to give up her study in Agriculture engineering. Today, Douaa dreams of returning to her home and college and has hope that tomorrow is a better day.

Humanity in sight of the community culture will rebuild our country Syria

In his point of view, Mouhanad (29) considers that the Humanitarian work is not limited to providing a material assistant, but it extends to be a community culture where work is entwined with personal life. He, who volunteered at the relief and distribution team of SARC – Tartous branch in 2014, puts his voluntary work as the first priority in shades of a humanitarian crisis and dire needs. The crisis in Syria has tough impacts over Mouhand’s life as it forced him to leave his home in Tabaqa – Raqa city- and held up his MA education in economics and commerce. However, he believes that with… Read More »

Future maybe caught in circumstances, but the present is in our hand

For Ayala (22) the concept of humanity boils down to a quotation said by Gibran Khalil Gibran: “The tribune of humanity is in its silent heart, never its talkative mind”. She believes that a humanitarian work is carried out far from personal interest or waiting for a reward. A year and a half ago, Ayla has volunteered in first aid squads of SARC – Homs branch. She is a student in Architecture engineering and she almost could excel in her college were it not for the crisis, which has affected many aspects of her life and made her to step forward with no plans… Read More »

Amira and Sahar are friends for best and worst moments

Amira (40) believed that “Dreams couldn’t be achieved through making wishes. Only determination can make it”. She knew how to make living amidst tough circumstances when her husband passed away leaving her alone with many children. Amira invested her talent in sewing along with her neighbor, Sahar, whose husband had a critical health condition, also has suffered similar circumstances and decided to light a candle better than to curse the darkness. The two women applied for SARC’s livelihood grants and received sewing machines, after an assessment process ensured their ability to manage a small business project. SARC team follow up… Read More »

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