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Loyai has only his strong determination to conquer the difficulties faced in life

It was not how Loyai expected to spend his life, after he became a parent with special needs due to a medical mistake. Loyai who is a husband and a father for seven children, did not let the hard circumstances stand in his way, he trained to become a barber and worked for 25 years in this career, using his wheelchair and wearing a smile while welcoming his satisfied clients, until he was displaced from his village Nabea’ Al-Sakher and lost his barbershop. Later, in an attempt to keep his life balanced, he borrowed a toolkit from a friend but… Read More »

Yazan regains his smile after significant health improve

Yazan (6 Y), who was born with hypoxia caused him a disorder in movement and speech, regains his childish smiles as his health condition has improved. This neonatal injury was a huge problem for his parents, who spared no efforts looking for the best medical treatment, but in vain. “I heard from some people about the Physical Therapy center run by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. They said positive things about it which encouraged me to have my son admitted to treatment under their supervision 5 months ago. The boy improved well,” said Yazan mother. The boy can hold the color… Read More »

The mother and her autistic kid feel confident in SARC clinic

Nothing can separate Moayad from his brother Mohamad. Together they play, eat, study and go to the medical center of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), in which they know every department, doctor and volunteer. SARC’s emblem has become familiar to Mohamed (7 Y) who feels peace at the children clinic as his mother observed. “Being an autistic child has not been a problem for the medical staff working in the clinic. They have provided him special care and a lot of love,” said Mohamed’s mother. Feeling that level of contentment makes her tell the volunteers every single detail to… Read More »

Starting again while adapting to change

After losing her home and dental clinic due to the difficult security situation, Amal is left to face life’s challenges alone. Life challenges and the responsibilities of raising her children while her husband is overseas affected her nervous system further impacted her ability to walk. Amal has received the medical support needed from SARC medical prosthetics department where she was able to carry on her life’s journey. Furthermore, she sought the support of the SARC-HSP SGBV program @UNHCR.SYRIA which guided her and empowered her through awareness sessions and counseling sessions. Amal’s will to become independent led her to register with… Read More »

Tawfiq claims his experience

“I can now provide a better life for my six children and fix my damaged home”, said Tawfiq. Due to the bad security situation in the area of Douma, Tawfiq and his family left Douma to the village of Ein Al-Tineh in Al Qutaifah area. Tawfiq has 28 years of experience in blacksmithing but employers used to pay him low wages. Therefore, to better his financial situation and guarantee his monetary benefits, he registered with the small grants program which is part of the vocational training department of #SARC-HSP funded by the #UNHCR.Syria and in a short period of time… Read More »

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