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Water Team Launched two Training Workshops

Within the collaboration framework between the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the International Committee of the Red Cross, two training workshops were launched on 15/03/2015. The first four-day workshop was titled as “Advanced Course on pumps activation” and was attended by 32 engineers, while the second two-day one was titled as “Map Course” and was attended with 20 volunteers. The two courses were highly important since they targeted the building capacity of both the engineers and the volunteers. Mr. Firas Farrs, Water Project Coordinator noted that these courses are part of the annual training program of 2015 that match training… Read More »

Relief Project Support is on the Table

As the crisis broke out in Syria, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent had increased services to provide and activities to carry out. However, it also showed high attention over the issues of the capacity building through training courses and workshops that attended by its volunteers and staff members in all the Syrian governorates. Within this context, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent organized a new workshop under the title of “A review to the Relief Project Implementation”. The two days workshop, which was launched in cooperation with the World Food Program, brought together the distribution staff and the reporting staff of… Read More »

“Hygiene Promotion” Campaign is launched

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent launched the “Hygiene Promotion” campaign in Al-Qamishli city on Feb 26th 2015. The campaign, which comes under a mutual collaboration with the UNICEF, is planned to go all over the country. The SARC’s hygiene teams started the campaign in Manahel Al-Birr School in Al-Qamishli with beneficiaries of 650 child. The teams carried out educational and entertaining activities that include issues of hand washing and the way to avoid lice infection. The activities contained story narrations, play shows and distribution of soap and lice shampoo kits. It is noteworthy that the mentioned campaign involved another essential… Read More »

French Parliamentary Delegation visits SARC’s Health centre in Zahira

On 24 February 2015, Dr. Abdul Rahman Attar, President of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, welcomed French Parliamentary Delegation during their recent visit to Syria. Dr. Attar accompanied the delegation on a visit to SARC’s health centre in Damascus that receives 1500 patients on a daily basis. After that they paid a visit to the disaster management and first aid operations centres in Zahira, where they met with staff and volunteers from SARC and was briefed about the activities and services delivered by SARC. From his side, Dr. Attar explained about SARC work and role and how SARC is delivering aid… Read More »

SARC’s First Aid Coordinators Together in a Meeting

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent had organized a meeting that brought all first aid coordinators together in Damascus city. The two day meeting is aimed to activate the collaboration and cooperation between the First Aid Central Committee and the first aid ‎project’s coordinators. During the meeting, the attendant assessed the needs demanded by the first aid teams, and the mechanisim to set up a data base for the capacities of the human resources working in the first aid field. Mr. Sameer Tallaj, the Deputy Director of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, stressed the importance of this kind of meetings as it… Read More »

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