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Three humanitarian convoys enter hard-to-reach areas in Syria since the beginning of March 2018

Damascus, March 9th 2018 Aligned with its plan to deliver urgent relief aids to hard-to-reach areas, Syrian Arab Red Crescent has succeeded in entering 3 humanitarian convoys containing lifesaving food and non-food items (medicines, medical supplies, baby milk, and water and sanitation items) to Afrin, Ad-Dar Al-Kabeera in Northern rural Homs, and Eastern Ghouta in collaboration with its humanitarian partners ICRC and UN. For 10 days, all SARC’s teams have been on full alert to deliver aids in dire circumstances, first in Afrin, where a humanitarian convoy enough for 50,000 people entered the area (despite being delayed because of inadequate… Read More »

Humanitarian Aid Reaches Eastern Ghouta

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and humanitarian partners delivered 46 truckloads of food relief aid for 27,500 people and health items for more than 70,000 people inside Duma in eastern Ghouta. The convoy included aid from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the United Nations, and SARC. The truckloads included food baskets, flour, medical supplies, a kidney treatment facility, baby milk and nutritional foods. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent included a mobile clinic to support SARC’s medical facilities functioning in Duma, and to provide rapid primary healthcare to children and vulnerable people. Eng. Khaled Hboubati, SARC’s President… Read More »

SARC first aid squads have stood ready to support since five days ago in Damascus and Rural Damascus

SARC first aid squads have responded and still responding with full capacity and high readiness to all received calls in Damascus and Rural Damascus. During the last five days, SARC paramedics transported about 360 injuries in Damascus and Rural Damascus (Jaramana, Douma and Harasta) while SARC medical points received 112 injuries. Moreover, first aid squads transferred 21 injuries between hospitals in order to get the specific needed treatment. SARC calls on all people to take all necessary precautions and reminds everyone that its first aid squads are on high readiness around the clock 24/7. They receive calls on the following… Read More »

Statement by The Syrian Arab Red Crescent

Damascus, Feb 22nd 2018 The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) calls all parties to neutralize humanitarian facilities, aid workers and staff in areas that suffer from the crisis where SARC serves civilians and people in dire need for emergency aid and humanitarian response in the Syrian Arab Republic. Unfortunately, during the past days, two Sub-branches locations of SARC where damaged in Douma and Harasta due to the current situation in the eastern part of rural Damascus. SARC volunteers, aid workers, and response facilities were victims of this crisis which heavily affected the response capacity of these two sub-branches. SARC reiterates… Read More »

Training workshop gives means of access to community health for everyone

Community-based health and first aid program (CBHFA) in SARC aims to implement initiatives that focus on raising awareness on the most common key gaps in health sector. SARC managed to activate the program in 23 communities in 8 governorates and formed 23 health committees in each community and trained 349 community volunteers. On February 09, 2018, SARC held a three-day training workshop titled “Community-based health and first aid in application”. The workshop was facilitated by trainers from the Egyptian Red Crescent and the Canadian Red Cross, and participated by CBHFA coordinator at HQ and 16 CBHFA coordinators and facilitators from… Read More »

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