Rural Damascus

Relief Items Reached 12 areas in Rural Damascus

Continuing to support the displaced families, Field teams of SARC-Rural Damascus branch  headed to 12 areas in Rural Damascus, accompanied with 14 trucks loaded with foodstuff provided by World Food Program. In the same time, the teams paid assessment visits to some neighboring villages have been deprived of relief items for a long time ago . It is worth to mention that  SARC tries its best to reach the most needy area in order to satisfy them.

4100 bread basket in Rural Damascus daily

After four months break, Bread project is active again. SARC –Rural Damascus Branch starts distributing 4100 breadbasket daily  in each of Al-Dumayr, Sehnaya, Al-Kiswa. Al-tal, and Ashrafiah Sehnaya area. Distribution process started onThursday 2/7/2015

Tow Relief Aid convoys to Ad Dumayr city

Once again and after nine months break, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Rural-Damascus Branch managed to enter Ad Dumayr city with food relief aid, which is provided by the International Committee of the Red Cross. The first convoy entered in  June 27th 2015, while the second was in July 4th 2015. The convoys were loaded with  2500 food parcel in each. SARC  team of Dumayr sub- branch started the distribution process  in June 28th 2015 . It’s worth mentioning that we in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent are keen to distribute these relief aid  for the most needy  people and according to our principles.

Training course for the Hygiene promotion teams

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Rural Damascus branch launched “principles of hygiene promotion” course on June 14th 2015. The eight day course, which was attended by  29 volunteer form various SARC sub-branches, included various items on its agenda like methods of assessment, WASH teams respond in emergencies, water related diseases and others. This course aimed to qualify and train SARC teams of Rural Damascus sub-branches. It is worth to mention that the Hygiene promotion project is carried out corporation with UNICEF.  

Relief Items to Affected Families in Qatana

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Qatana sub- branch distributed  2547 food parcel, 579 flour bags and 961 blankets  to the affected families in Qatana and Jdadet Artooz on June 25 th 2015. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent always keen on the distribution of relief materials to the most vulnerable groups, according to its principles.

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