Rural Damascus

Awareness campaign in the Al Dumair city

SARC hygiene promotion team in Al Dumair sub branch concluded a hygienic awareness campaign on on Oct 23rd 2015 for displaced families located in Al Dumair city.  This mission came as precautions procedure for some contagious  diseases especially Hepatitis A. The team also distributed 460 water gallon to families during the campaign.

SARC Volunteers Distribute Relief Items in Jaramana

New evaluations and registrations were done for about 3500 families, who live in inadequate housing, in Jaramana area. This step came to help those families getting along well through winter days. SARC volunteers of Jaramana sub-branch adopted the mentioned evaluation as they distributed the needed relief items (2810 Plastic Sheets, 3604 Mattresses and 7214 Blankets…) It is noteworthy that the evaluating process started on thursday 15/10 and still under processed to cover more families.

Relief Aid is distributed Directly to 3052 beneficiaries

SARC Qatana Sub Branch distributed relief items and clothes in order to put a smile to the faces of the beneficiaries during the Eid. Distribution was to shelter centers in Qatana and the affiliate areas The materials included (1820  children clothes supported by the UNICEF, 369 buckets and 1232 women hygiene kit). The number of beneficiaries reached 3052 in 19 shelter centers.

Course in the principles of first aid

The First Aid Committee of Syrian Arab Red -Rural Damascus branch  fulfilled a training course in principles of the first aid. The three day course started on Aug 14th and targeted 30 volunteers. The course aimed to provide first aid principles and practical training to the attendants

WFP Delegation Visits Al Adleyeh area

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent team of Al-Kiswah sub-branch accompanied WFP delegation on field visit to Al-Addleah area in Damascus countryside on Aug 6th, 2015. The delegation met some beneficiaries and got a briefing on their situations. They also had a meeting with the Relief Sub-committee and discussed all obstacles that hinder the work process. They finally had a tour in the area.

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