Rural Damascus

Raise Awarness campaign in Qatana

Hygiene promotion team of SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch finished on Wednesday 9/12/2015 an awareness campaign for mothers and girls in Qatana and Jdaidet Arrtoz areas. The three months campaign contained awareness mothers about personal care, the prevention of lice and communicable diseases in four shelters and some residential buildings. 750  gifts were distributed to women and girls who participated in the campaign. The gifts were provided by ADRA organization.

Smiles filled the faces of children in Al Tal

The Psycho-social support team in SARC Al Tall sub branch organized an activity in Al Sindbad Park on Saturday 24/10/2015. The activity Included (Group games, Purposeful songs and Distributing presents to the children) 300 children who took part in the activity.

SARC Qatana sub-branch responds to emergency cases

Qtana sub- branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent carried on transferring emergency cases during October 2015. SARC ambulances transported 223 case, and provide needed treatment to 564 cases in the medical point . Ambulance numbers: Telephone: 133 – 0115650133 Mobile: 0952133133 Qatana: 0116892700

SARC Distributed Peanut butter to all schools in Qatana

Based on its effective impact on children’s mental capabilities and physical growth, peanut butter were distributed by SARC Volunteers team in Qatana sub branch. The team distributed 5000 peanut butter cans in 38 schools. They also provide children with  instructions on exact quantities to be taken of peanut butter daily.

Securing clean water for many areas in Al Kiswah

Water team of SARC Al Kiswah sub branch installed three Oxfam tanks during  October 2015, in order to providing residents their with clean and drinkable water. The mentioned tanks served three areas (old Al Kiswah – Al Anjaan Theater – Al Tabeh) 750 families will be benefited from this service.

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