Rural Damascus

serving 1200 family daily in Ein Mnin kitchen

To serve more than 1200 ‪arrival family‬ with food meals in Ein Mnein area, ‎water‬ and ‪‎sanitation team‬ in ‪‎SARC’s‬ ‪‎Rural Damascus Branch ‬equipped a collective kitchen with full equipments and machinery. This kitchen is build in cooperation with ‎ICRC‬ , while  SARC’s ‪volunteers of Ein Mnein point distributed the food meals  to 1200 family inthe area.

Hygiene promotion team in AL Qtaifah

Hygiene promotion team of SARC Rural Damascus Branch carries out activities  raise awareness  for children all over the governorate. On  Wednesday 25/11/2015 the team visited Al Qtaifa area and organized an open day in the Al-Tijara school. This activity contained meaningful games as (puppet theater, hand stamp) to raise awareness on personal hygiene behaviors and the correct way to wash hands, with 225 kids participated. The children showed special cooperation with the volunteers, and 768 bars of soap were distributed at the end of the activity.

Awareness campaign on personal care in AL-Ghizlanya

Syrian Arab Red Crescent ‪‎hygiene promotion team in Rural Damascus branch exerted its best efforts to raise awareness for mothers on personal and public hygiene care and the best ways to prevent water pollution diseases. The team started a new awareness campaign in AL-Ghizlanya area in 17/8/2015 and finished it in 31/10/2015. 5496 mother  Participated in this campaign. The workshops covered subjects on the safe water- the safe food – the best time for washing hand – Waste disposal – Home treatment of diarrhea and how to give oral rehydration solution. The campaign was accompanied with  recreational activities in the field of hygiene promotion… Read More »

9240 bread bag is distributed daily in Rural Damascus

Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s Rural Damascus branch and in cooperation with OCHA launched new bread project that support  Al Ghuzlaniyah town and surroundings (Qarahta, Tall Maskan, Landfill district in Dayr al Ḩajar) The number of beneficiaries reaches 9240 person daily. On the other hand, the bread project still active  in areas of (Al Kiswah, Sehnaya, Ashrafia and Dumair). This project is supported by ICRC at a rate of 3650 bags  daily.

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