Rural Damascus

Happy New Year

On the occasion of the New Year, SARC’s Rural Damascus consultation center organized an entertaining celebration for children in Jaramana area on Wednesday 30/12/2015. 185 kids between age 5 and 13 years old have participated in this event, where they watched a short film about the new year, danced and sang with the volunteers. The event was concluded with gifts distributing to the  kids and best wishes in the new year.

Alternative energy works in Rural Damascus

The electricity shortage in Rural Damascus triggered  water and sanitation team in SARC Rural Damascus Branch to respond and resort to alternative energy. The team  installed 50 solar system heaters in the collective kitchens and shelters in (Hafeer Al Tahta, Mneen, Jaramana, Herjalle and Halboon) areas. This work will be applied also Al Drej area to reach 25000 beneficiaries.

Qualifying 62 Volunteers in First Aid Field

Aimed to qualify the largest number of ‪‎SARC‬’s ‎volunteers‬ and increase their ability in first aid field, the Committee of ‪‎first aid‬ in SARC’s ‪‎Rural Damascus‬ branch organized a course in first aid in SARC AL Taal sub branch and Ein Mnein point, which started in 11/12/2015 until 13/12/2015. The number of volunteers who participated in this course 62 volunteers, 32 volunteers from SARC’s Ein Mnein point and 30 volunteers from SARC’s Al Taal Sub Branch.

Al Kiswah Kids preparing for the winter

To ward off the ‪‎cold‬ ‪‎winter‬ and to alleviate  Kids sufferings, ‪‎Volunteers‬ of ‪SARC‬ Al Kiswah Sub Branch ‪distributed‬ winter ‎clothes‬ to 3893 kids in Al Adaliah area and the areas around it, the distribution continued for a week from Sunday 6/12/2015 to Saturday 12/12/2015. Clothes basket included (Coat – sleep clothes – Socks – Hat), and provided by ‪‎ICRC.

serving 1200 family daily in Ein Mnin kitchen

To serve more than 1200 ‪arrival family‬ with food meals in Ein Mnein area, ‎water‬ and ‪‎sanitation team‬ in ‪‎SARC’s‬ ‪‎Rural Damascus Branch ‬equipped a collective kitchen with full equipments and machinery. This kitchen is build in cooperation with ‎ICRC‬ , while  SARC’s ‪volunteers of Ein Mnein point distributed the food meals  to 1200 family inthe area.

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