Rural Damascus

Distributing relief materials in Ein Al Souda area

To serve all affected and arrived families in Ein Al Souda area, the volunteers of SARC’s Ein Al Souda point distributed relief Materials for 605 families. the distributed materials are: (1440 clothes boxes – 3600 peanut butter – 605 food baskets – 605 flour bags). These materials presented by ICRC and WFP. The distribution process started in December 2015, and continued to cover all the needs of families.

Distributing relief materials the families in AL Mleha area

The volunteers of SARC Rural Damascus Branch  distributed  relief items in AL Mleha area. They had assessed the needs of affected families before and then provided them with the needed materials  on Monday 25/1/2016. These materials were distributed for 262 families and included (262 food baskets-262 hygiene baskets-741 blankets-177 waterproofs-100 kitchen baskets-98 mats-44 baby diapers). The distribution process will  be done periodically for families who live in AL Mleha area.

SARC transfer 2160 cases in Ein Mnein

The medical spot in SARC Ein Mnein responded to 2160 cases in December until Sunday 27/12/2015 and transferred 68 cases to Damascus and Rural Damascus hospitals. About 1600 patients visited the clinics of children, women and internal ones. First aid teams are always ready all the time on: Telephone: 133 / 0115650133 Mobile: 0994133133 / 0952133133 Ein Mnein Telephone: 0115847772

We have a passion on humanitarian work… so we volunteer

‪‎On the occasion of the International Voluntarism Day Syrian Arab Red Crescent‬’s ‪‎Rural Damascus‬ Branch organized an event  on Saturday 5/12/2015 to present thanks words for all ‪‎SARC‬’s ‪‎volunteer‬. The celebration started with Pray for mercy on the martyrs of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent who gave their lives while carrying out humanitarian duty, then a video about SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch activities during 2015 was shown, and a message’s video from Dr. Essam Shalhoub President of Syrian Arab Red Crescent Rural Damascus Branch was shown to thank the volunteers. In the end of the occasion all the volunteers got thankful… Read More »

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