Rural Damascus

SARC secure relief materials in Al Herjale shelter

On the last two weeks about 908 people had arrived from Darya and Moadamya to Al Herjale shelter, so SARC Rural Damascus relief team prepared all basic materials for those families. The team prepared most needed material to be distributed like: canned food, blankets, mattresses donated by ICRC, kitchen parcels, fans, lamps, baby diapers donated by UNHCR, clothes and entertainment kits for kids donated by UNICEF, In addition to 250 daily bread bags  ) The mobile clinic also visited the shelter many times and addressed health care and medicines for 560 cases. In addition to organize psychosocial support sessions every Monday and… Read More »

Psychosocial Support activities in Eid Al ADHA

Psychosocial Support volunteers in SARC Al Tall sub branch organized a recreational activity for the kids in Al-Jamyeh Al-Sakanieh Shelter on the third day of Eid Al ADHA. 123 kids had participated in this activity which included face painting, making greeting cards with different phrases like “we love SARC volunteers who’s always here for us”, the activity ended with singing and distributing candies. On the other side Psychosocial Support team in Al Dumayer visited Al Tatbykia School on the fourth day of Eid Al ADHA, and organized an open day to finish the summer activities which were supervised by Al… Read More »

Psychosocial Support teams concluded their activities in Deir Al Hajar

Psychosocial Support teams concluded their activities in Deir Al Hajar area after they have been working there for five months. The teams addressed many entertainment and training services for kids to pass the difficult time they went through. On 7/9/2016 the psychosocial support teams organized the last open day in Deir Al Hajar, contained group games, songs and competitions between the kids and #SARC volunteers. The activity ended by distributing gifts for 255 kids.

Awareness sessions for 200 women in Kfar Qouq

Diabetes: (the definition, the symptoms, the prevention, and methods of treatment). Leishmaniasis: (the infection methods, the prevention, the symptoms, and methods of treatment). These subjects were included in a health education lecture organized by the Mobile Medical Team in SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch in Kfar Qouq area Northwest Qatana city on Tuesday 4/8/2016. The team started with an awareness lecture about the previous subjects, then an open session to ask the barbed questions and correct misconceptions about some communicable and chronic diseases, in the end the team distributed sanitary bags for 200 women donated by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

malnutrition treatment clinic in Harasta

Due to the increasing number of arrivals to Harasta area, malnutrition treatment clinic in SARC Harasta sub-branch examines  children to detect and follow malnutrition cases. The clinic receives 50-60 kids weekly and many cases from children clinic in the city, and accepts the cases by the diagram of weight to tall. During the last two months they found out 22 cases of acute malnutrition, 47 cases of average malnutrition, 38 pregnant and breast feeding women with malnutrition. More than 370 cases of malnutrition potentiality were examined and  supplied with High Energetic Biscuits.

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