Rural Damascus

The mobile medical teams finish a campaign in Al thanaya

SARC Rural Damascus Branch teams exert their best effort to reach the affected areas and manage to support thousands of people there with lifesaving needs and services. Within this framework, the reproductive health project team in cooperation with UNFPA and in coordination with SARC Al Qoutaifa Sub Branch, organized 2 days campaign in Al Thanaya area to provide various services to the people there. On the first day- Dec 20th- they provided health care services and proper medicines to 376 beneficiaries. In addition, the communication team presented 206 beneficiaries with lectures about SARC and its basic principles and services, while… Read More »

SARC teams response to Al taddreep Al Jamee sheltering center

SARC mobile clinic and medical team headed to Al tadreep Al Jamee shelter in Al Dumayer area on 5 /12/2016 in oordre to raise health care situation for arrival families. The medical teams checked the patients and prescribed medicines for 252 patients, while the psychosocial support team organized an activity for the families and distributed 544 bottle of shampoo in collaboration with Health Awareness team.

SARC teams respond in Al Dumayr

The first aid teams in Syrian Arab Red Crescent Al Dumayr Sub Branch transferred 186 emergency cases to Damascus and Rural Damascus hospitals during Nov 2016, and received 2289 cases in the medical point in Al Dumayr town. Mentioning that these first aid services are free and can be accessed by visiting the first aid centers or call the following numbers: Jaramana first aid center: 0115640603/0952133133/0994133133 Ein Mnien first aid center: 0115847772/0115847774/0958099074 Al Dumayr first aid center: 0115828504 Al Kisweh first aid center: 0116927333 Qatana first aid center: 0958099062/0116892700

ICRC delegation visits SARC medical center in Rural Damascus

A delegation from the International Committee of Red Cross visited the Medical Center in SARC Rural Damascus branch in order to discuss the cooperation ways in health section. The visit came on 21/11/2016 as the delegation met the manager of Medical Center, who clarified the work plan of receiving and treating patients, and mentioned the importance of ICRC support in this field. The delegation also went to Hafeer Al Tahta area with a mobile clinic to take a look at the health services peovided there.

Jayrud dispensary treats 6800 kids

The mobile team in Syrian Arab Red Crescent Jayrud dispensary visited primary schools in areas of Jayrud, Nasiriyah, Al Atna, Mansoura, the thermal station school during last October. During the visits they checked nearly 6800 kids, and give them the appropriate treatment especially for diseases of skin and respiratory  which is spread among the children children.

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