Rural Damascus

Great efforts and Intensive humanitarian work

SARC- Jarmmana- sub-branch was and still one  of the best Sub-Branches regarding the voluntary work and commitment to the principles. The sub branch is shouldering heavy tasks to deliver as they register 60 family (affected and displaced) daily; in addition, in addition to the newly displaced one. Regarding the relief items distribution, they support 700-800 family per day via the distribution point. Moreover, the point distribute a full emergency package for the newly displaced families in order to alleviate their sufferings.  

Joyful day with children

Psycho-social support team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Damascus countryside Branch and in coordination with the Danish Red Cross  joined   the school’s children in each of Kfir Yaboos and Hosh Bjd area. The aimed to celebrate the day of success with the children, and provided entertainment on this joyful day. The team played music and the presented gifts to about 750 children.

Health and Relief Needs Assessment in Bluedan Area

Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Damascus and Rural Damascus conducted a comprehensive assessment of Bluedan area  in May 25th,2015. The assessment process covered the health situation and relief need of the affected people there. The assessment also included the water system, sanitation, sewage and waste.

Belarus Sent Food aids to Rural Damascus Area

Belarus sent a donation of  40 metric tons of food aid to Rural Damascus area. The relief aid included wheat flour, baby milk, and canned foods items. The mentioned relief aid were received by  representative of SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch Management, Disaster Management Unit, and Logistic Department. The procfess were done  in coordination with Rural Damascus Governorate on Wednesday April 8th, 2015.

Advanced First aid course in Al-Tall

Based on principle of humanity  and the necessity to help affected people all around the country, the relief of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Rural Damascus branch launched an advanced first aid course in Al-Tall sub- branch. The course, which brought together  32 volunteers, addressed didactic and practical training for eight constant days. It is worth mentioning that  the trained team is the first to work in Al-Tall city and its neighboring villages.

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