Rural Damascus

SARC respond to arrival families from Hama and Aleppo

Syrian Arab Red Crescent teams in Al Dumayr Sub Branch in coordination with   SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch responded to the families who came from countryside of Hama and Aleppo, and distributed the essential needs for them. They started to arrive on Thursday 2/11/2016 and continue arriving on Friday and Saturday 12-13/2/2016 to Adra Industrial School. The total number of arrivals reached 407 person, who were supported with materials of (160 canned food- 495 blanket- 205 mattress- 230 bread bag) It’s worth to mention that SARC’s Qatana Sub Branch, contributed in this response in addition to provide 250 meals from collective kitchen in… Read More »

SARC providing its services through Al Tall sub branch

The Sub Branch of ‪‎SARC‬’s Rural Damascus Branch in Al-Tall area works on secure the necessary needs for the arrivals families, where the ‪‎Water and Sanitation‬ team is rehabilitation the sewage system in “Al Mahabbah” shelter which included 98 families during  February. Also the ‪health promotion‬ team in SARC Al Tall Sub Branch  assessed the needs for ‪children‬ in 48 schools, and in cooperation with ‪‎relief‬ team distributed these materials (43 stationery baskets, 48 creative groups, 480 water gallon, 96 healthy baskets, 96 Kitchen baskets, 59 waterproofs), the distribution finished on Tuesday 9/2/2016

Hygiene awareness campaign in Rural Damascus

Health Promotion‬ Team of the ‪‎Syrian Arab Red Crescent‬- ‪‎Rural Damascus Branch‬  works in accordance to a plan that cover the largest number of ‪‎Rural Damascus‬ areas. The last campaign included four towns from Qalamoun sectors (‪Yabroud‬, ‎Nabek‬, Sednaya‬, Qara). The last three month campaign ( Nov, 2015 to the end of January 2016) was organized by health promotion volunteers team contained  workshops for 6,361 child in 18 schools, as they visited each class separately for educate them about personal hygiene and the correct way to wash hands through targeted games (dolls theater – flour game – view images) The activity ended… Read More »

A humanitarian aid convoy enter AL Tal city

SARC’s Rural Damascus branch managed to deliver humanitarian relief materials to AL Tal city, where the second convoy of humanitarian aid arrived on 4/2/2016, which included (7500 food baskets, 2500 hygiene baskets, 1800 peanuts butter). The first convoy of relief aid entered AL Tal city on Thursday 2/2/2016, and consisted of 14 trucks presented from ICRC and contained (3500 food baskets, 3500 hygiene baskets). Notes that SARC’s AL Tal Sub Branch distribute the relief materials to cover all the effected families.

The funeral of Dr. Shalhoub president of SARC’s Rural Damascus branch

Syrian Arab Red Crescent‬’s ‪‎Rural Damascus Branch‬ transferred in venerable ‪‎funeral‬ Dr.Isam Salman Shalhoub ‪president‬ of Syrian Arab Red Crescent Rural Damascus branch, who passed away on Saturday 6/2/2016 The deceased moved in official funeral procession from SARC’s ‪Rural Damascus‬ branch in ‪Jaramana‬ on Sunday morning 7/2/2016 with the participation of ( Syrian Arab Red Crescent HQ , SARC’s ‪‎Damascus Branch‬, Rural Damascus provincial council, Rural Damascus doctors and gathering of people). The procession went to the deceased birth land in Al Kraya town in Al Sweida, and met ‪SARC‬ Al ‪‎Sweida Branch‬ ‪‎volunteers‬ to complete the funeral prayer, In… Read More »

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