Rural Damascus

SARC Al Kiswah Sub Branch finished distribution session of February

Humanitarian work‬ continues in ‪‎Syrian Arab Red Crescent‬ ‪‎Rural Damascus‬ Branch to cover all the Red Crescent Sub Branches and Points, including that of‬ Al Kiswah Sub Branch where the ‪‎volunteers‬ finished  ‪‎the distribution‬ session for February 2016. The distribution included 8132 ‪‎food parcels‬, 11698 ‪ ‎blankets‬ and 3992 ‪‎mattresses‬ as well as other necessary materials.

Dumayr Sub Branch respond to arrival families in Adra area

SARC‬ AL Dumayr sub branch continue to serve the displaced families in Industrial Adra area‬ where they total to 350 arriving families from ‪Aleppo‬ and Hama ‪‎countryside. They have been  located  in “Adra Industrial school” shelter since Sunday 14/2/2016 until Saturday 20/2/2016. With an emergency response the ‪disaster management team of ‪‎AL Dumayr‬ Sub Branch secured a safe place, support needed clothes and distributed the following items 630 blankets, 150 mattress, 1500 food meals, 1600 bundles of bread and 12 milk bottles. It is worth to mention that this response will continue to serve all the arriving families.

SARC’s activities in Sednaya sub_branch

SARC’s activities in Sednaya sub_branch Sednaya Sub Branch in SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch organized  various activities of hygiene, psychosocial support, and relief ones. Mobile health clinics visited Maronie town, managed to examine 50 patients and provided medicine. On the other hand, psychosocial support team organized a special event for children in Sednaya field, contained collective entertainment games for 213 kids, and distributed winter clothes for them. As the volunteers in Sednaya Sub Branch seek to help affected people, they distributed (2500 blankets, 1500 mattress, 1500 mats, 1000 water proof, 1000 peanut butter, 500 kitchen kit, 500 hygiene parcel, 383 food parcel  to… Read More »

SARC’s Rural Damascus respond to Sayeda Zeinab explosion:

First aid‬ teams in ‪‎Syrian Arab Red Crescent‬ ‪‎Rural Damascus Branch‬ ‪‎responded to the ‪explosion‬, which took place in the residential Sayeda Zeinab area on Sunday 21/2/2016. They transferred  ‪‎cases‬ to ‪‎Damascus‬ ‪‎hospitals‬ and rescued the ‪‎wounded‬.‬ First aid teams in SARC wish all wounded individuals to improve soon. and they are on high preparedness  to receive your emergencies call on the following numbers:‬ Rural Damascus – Jaramana – Central Operations Room: 0115640603/0952133133/0994133133

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