Rural Damascus

Distributing relief materials in Al Tall area

Relief team in ‪SARC‬ – Al Tall Sub Branch ‪‎distributed‬ 6000 ‎food‬ parcels & 6000 hygiene parcels presented by ‪‎ICRC‬ and 6000 plastic sheets from ‪UNHCR‬ to ‪‎affected‬ families in Al Tall. These parcels were received at 2-4 of February in two ‪convoys‬ and were distributed within 10 days.

Mobile Health teams launch awareness seminars in Maaraba

700 women had participated in an awareness seminar that organized by the ‪Mobile health teams‬ in ‪‎SARC‬’s Rural Damascus Branch in ‪‎Maaraba‬ on Sunday 28/2/2016. The seminar included the most important subjects that have been risen in society recently like ‪H1N1‬, ‪‎Hepatitis‬, ‪‎Leishmania‬, and ‪‎Drugs‬. Many specialized doctors and health educated people had given the lectures. The lecturers noticed the interactive of the participants and their need to know a lot of information about these ‪diseases‬ and How to avoid it. In the end, the mobile health teams provided all participants with healthy women bags.

SARC Al Kiswah Sub Branch finished distribution session of February

Humanitarian work‬ continues in ‪‎Syrian Arab Red Crescent‬ ‪‎Rural Damascus‬ Branch to cover all the Red Crescent Sub Branches and Points, including that of‬ Al Kiswah Sub Branch where the ‪‎volunteers‬ finished  ‪‎the distribution‬ session for February 2016. The distribution included 8132 ‪‎food parcels‬, 11698 ‪ ‎blankets‬ and 3992 ‪‎mattresses‬ as well as other necessary materials.

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