Rural Damascus

Psychosocial Support activities in Shawaqa m

SARC Psychosocial Support team organized awareness sessions and a vocational training course for 40 mothers along with various activities for 100 children in Shawaqa (Al Khieam area) during the last 5 months. The twins  Rasha and Rashine  (four years old), met the team during the final activities in  an open day for the children and their mothers after providing the necessary services for them.

psychosocial support activities in Al Ghezlania

Fatima( 9 years) waits the whole week to join her friends ( the psycho-social support volunteers ), who come each Monday,  in Al Ghezlania Consulting Center and participate  in their activities  among more than 500 kids and teenagers. In the same time, 200 students from primary and secondary school certificates attend the center to get Maths, Physics, Chemistry and  french language classes. IFRC supports this center  working in cooperation between SARC and DRC.

SARC community center in Qatana

A small room gathering children and adolescents  full of live with men and women full of ambition , hurrying daily to SARC community center in Qatana to join SARC volunteers in their various activities : entertainment activities and education courses ( English , French , Arabic and Mathematics ) to students between 6 and 18 years old including courses for illiterates from all ages and cooking and sport for women . 80 to 90 children beneficiaries benefit daily from the center and 20 women from the 4 monthly courses    .

Collective kitchens… SARC services reach life details

Due to the current circumstances in Syria, all life’s styles have been affected. Today, it is difficult to get the least basic needs of living like health care, clean water and even food. SARC has exerted its best efforts to alleviate sufferings of the most vulnerable people. It managed to set up collective kitchens supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and in cooperation with charity societies. The collective kitchens in (Rural Damascus, Homs and Aleppo) provide hot ready to eat meals for hosted people and displaced people who lives in sheltering centers and skeleton buildings. Cooking… Read More »

First aid teams in Rural Damascus

First aid teams are always ready in SARC Rural Damascus operation rooms, where they receive information or emergency calls, rush and respond to the required location, provide necessary and required first aid and transport humanitarian cases to the hospitals. SARC first aid teams in Rural Damascus assist  about 1500 people  monthly, so if there is any need for ambulance please contact the following number: Jaramana First aid center 0115640603-  0952133133-  0994133133 Qatana First aid center 0116892700-  0958099062 Aen Mneen First aid center 0115847774-  0958099076 Al Kiswh First aid center 0116927333-  0941333920 Al Dumayr First aid center 0115828504

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