Rural Damascus

Psychosocial support activities in Jairoud and Sednaya areas

SARC psychosocial support team in Jairoud sub branch organized an activity for the fifth and sixth grade students in Dalhy School on 10/10/2016 . The activity contained games of: pull the rope, jumping, and educational questions for 150 students, then the team distributed high energy and dates biscuits. On the other hand, SARC psychosocial support team in Sednaya sub branch organized in cooperation with child protection team an activity for kids in Sahel Sednaya on 13/10/2016. The team also distributed winter clothes (caps, gloves and wool scarfs) for 520 kids.

The Seventh course of Disaster Management in Rural Branch Damascus

The committee of disaster management in Syrian Arab Red Crescent Rural Damascus Branch organized consecutive training courses for all the volunteers in the Sub Branches which help to promote their abilities and develop their skills. Where the seventh course of 2016 ended on 21 October, and targeted 29 volunteers from Al Zabadani Sub Branch, who received many basic topics like (the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the concept of disaster, gender and diversity, an approach to the environment of conflict, water and sanitation, shelter, and Logistic), as well as practical training. The course witnessed  strong  cooperation between the coaches… Read More »

36 Humanitarian aid Trucks reached Harasta,Rhaiba and Bloudan areas

SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch teams delivered three convoys (36 trucks)  loaded with humanitarian aids into Harasta, Rahibh and Bloudan areas on Saturday 10/9/2016. SARC sub branches in these areas helped distributing these convoys as the following :Harasta town (9 trucks) loaded with 3000 food parcels and 3000 health parcels, Rahibh town(13 tracks) loaded with 4500 food parcels and 4500 health parcels, while Bloudan town (14 tracks) loaded with 7000 food parcels and 7000 health parcels). It is worth to mention that these relief materials are donated by International committee of Red Cross (ICRC) and International Federation of Red Cross and… Read More »

Mr. Robert Mardini visits SARC Qatana Sub Branch

Under the cooperation between the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the International Committee of the Red Cross Mr. Robert Mardini, regional director of the ICRC  visited SARC Qatana Sub Branch and met Mr. Esam Alrkhalana, Head of Qatana Sub Branch with some volunteers and a delegation from ICRC, In addition to a representative from SARC HeadQuarters. The visit aimed to discuss SARC Qatana Sub Branch activities, where the delegation also visited the first aid center and the clinics to support these services and help all vulnerable people.

Distributing school bags in Jayrud and Harasta areas

On the occasion of returning to schools, SARC volunteers in  Jayrud Sub Branch and Harasta Sub Branch distributed school bags for the students during last September. The number of the school bags which were distributed in jayrud’s schools reached 2356 bags, where the number of school bags which were distributed in Harasta’s schools reached 1500 bas. These school bags are donated by UNICEF, and each contains (9 note books, drawing book, paintings, maths tools, and full stationery). It is worth to mention that Syrian Arab Red Crescent Always seek  to create educational opportunities for children and help them to develop… Read More »

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