Rural Damascus

Students revive their school in Hamuria in Eastern Ghouta

Schools might look similar to each other in Eastern Ghouta, but there is a school (Bashir Abdulhawad) in Hamuria looks more beautiful with ornamented drawings coloured by the students and SARC’s PSS coloring an activity launched to encourage the students to back to school. “I want to be a civil engineer in the future in order to rebuild our house” said Omer, one of the students. He and more 50 students participated in the mentioned activity to have their school revived and a better place to study.  

SARC responded to the people affected by heavy rainfall in Al-Jibbeh village 

On Saturday, Oct 13, 2018, SARC’s teams have started their response to the people affected by the heavy rainfall resulted in flash flooding in Al-Jibbeh village in Rural Damascus where it caused damages and forced people out of their homes. The teams supported more than 1000 displaced families with relief aid (1000 food parcels, 285 mattresses and 1500 blankets) provided by ICRC and UNHCR.

Specific aid provided by SARC to the people in Eastern Ghouta

“Neuralgia denied me the ability to live a normal life” Oum Baraa a mom of 11 children was one of the beneficiaries that benefited from the in-kind assistance items provided by the GIKA program of # SARC-HSP funded by UNHCR. The program targeted 800 affected families in Eastern Ghouta on 8/10/2018 and carried out a phase one delivery to 33 families in the areas of Kafar Batna, Shaba, Saqba. Each family received an individual delivery according to their needs. (Washing machines, batteries, gas stoves, water tanks, gas cylinders.) The main goal of the General in-kind assistance program is to protect… Read More »

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