Rural Damascus

Psychosocial support training courses for 57 volunteers

SARC Rural Damascus branch organized two psychosocial support training courses in the end of 2016; each course lasted for 7 days. 57 volunteers had participated in these courses, which included sessions about the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, crisis events and psychosocial support, stress and coping, loss and grief, community-based psychosocial support, psychological first aid and supportive communication, children, supporting volunteers and staff.

SARC prepares 1000 daily meals in Al Dumayr Area

The collective kitchen in SARC Al Dumayr sub branch  in cooperation with the city council and local community prepared about 60000 meals during last November and December. These meals targeted the families who came from eastern areas to Al Tadrip Al Jamee and Adra School, noting that the raw items in the kitchen are donated by the local community and ICRC.

Water and sanitation team responded in Artoz area

SARC water and sanitation team in Rural Damascus Branch and Qatana sub branch responded to the families who live in skelton buildings in Artoz area. The team distributed 270 water tanks in the last two months, and provided winter items for 350 families to alleviate their suffering. The winter items include: carpets, plastic sheeting, chargers and a filling holes substance).

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