Rural Damascus

A “New start” for 230 children from Rural Damascus,

Due to the warm weather conditions the past two weeks, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers organized two recreational activities under the title of “New start”; the first activity was conducted at Qarah community center, while the second was held at the town of Jrajeer in Rural Damascus. 230 kids participated, both activities were conducted by the #Child_ Protection _Department of SARC-HSP, funded by UNHCR.Syria and included kinetic games, musical sketches and interactive dances. Finally, flowers were distributed to the children symbolizing a “New start”.

A Community led initiative at Al-Brekeh in Rural Damascus

Due to unlit roads, the residents of Al-Brekeh in Rural Damascus were going through various dangers such as: being attacked by stray animals which affected their ability to walk at night and caused the increase of car accidents. Therefore, # SARC-HSP community center in Qarah with the help of the residents and the cooperation of the town’s municipality alongside the National Electric Power Company, organized and implemented an initiative through the CLI program funded by @ UNHCR.Syria which provided the appropriate electrical equipment to light the area.

Children in Douma overwhelmed with warmth

Children don’t care about weather forecasting news or interested in climatic conditions. But they do care about getting new warm clothes in winter. Therefore, SARC has started distributing winter clothes in Douma, Eastern Ghouta, for children aged between 6 – 16 years during the last few weeks. The clothes kit contains winter jacket, pyjamas, pants, hat, socks, boots and underwear for female provided by the ICRC. The distribution process, which covered 3678 children and 1905 women to date, will be continued during the next week.

Agriculture grants are distributed to the farmers in Ghouta As farmers are getting their lands ready for winter planting season, SARC’s livelihood team in Rural Damascus distributed 300 agricultural kits in different areas in Eastern Ghouta (Otaia, Hosh Nasri and Hosh Al-Fara villages) on 12/12/2018. The agricultural kits, provided by ICRC, consisted of agricultural parcel, winter and summer seeds, agricultural tools and drip irrigation network. This grant targeted the most vulnerable and in need people according to assessments carried out by SARC volunteers, who will continue the distribution process on the beginning of 2019 and meet the needs of the… Read More »

Moadmiah Al-Sham regained health care with the opening of SARC Clinic

Eng. Khaled Hboubati, President of SARC, and Ms. Marian Gasser, Head of ICRC Delegation in Syria, opened a new Clinic in Moadmiah Al-Sham in Rural Damascus on Wednesday, December 12, 2018.   The clinic will provide medical services for thousands of people in Moadmiah and areas around through its medical sections (Gynecology, Internal, Pediatric and Dentistry) in addition to providing medicines and medical analysis.   This project began in 2016 in order to give the people a high standard of health care in proportion to the return of people to their homes in the area.   The clinic saw its… Read More »

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