Activity Day for kindergarten kids

Psycho-social support team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Al Boteha sub branch in cooperation with Baraeem Alamal kindergarten management organized an entertainment day on Thursday 28/4/2016. The team disposed various purposeful  activities to help children in reducing the daily stress they face. Almost 120 Children between 4 and 5 years old benefitted from these activities. The team concluded the day by distributing gifts for participated children to stimulate and encourage them to study.

Entertainment Day for AlBalabl kids in Quneitra

Psychosocial support team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Quneitra branch organized an Entertainment   day on Monday 9/5/2016 at Dohat Al Balabl Kindergarten in Khan Arnabeh area. 260 child participated in the activity. The team did various games like playing, competition races, clown show also dancing and singing with children. The day ended up by distributing gifts to the participated kids and SARC’s volunteers wished to children a full of success end school year.

SARC’s Quneitra received materials to improve water conditions

Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Quneitra branch received  Water and Sanitation materials on Thursday 24/3/2016 introduction from the International Committee of Red Cross. The materials included three pumps for Sewage Company  in Quneitra and three generators, two with 45 K.V.A capacity and the other with 60 K.V.A capacity that could improve wells conditions and reach largest  number of beneficiaries from drinking water under the continues interruption of electricity. SARC’s water and sanitation team in Quneitra seeks by their continues activities to provide clean and safe drinking water and improve the lives of affected people from the during crisis in the country.

Disaster Management Principles Training Course in Quneitra

As the Syrian Arab Red Crescent is keen on training and qualifying  largest number of volunteers in the humanitarian field, SARC-Quneitra Branch concluded on Wednesday 9/3/2016 a training course in disaster management principles. The course lasted for four days between  6/3 to 9/3/2016 and with attendance of 33 volunteers. It included lectures on the concept of disaster preparedness, food security, livelihood, psycho-social support and topics about the needs in emergency situations and the standards according to Sphere Project.

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