Mobile Health Unit reaches remote villages in Quneitra

Syrian Arab Red Crescent Mobile Health Unit in Quneitra visits more than 24 shelters and resident places monthly. In January, they provided free medicine to 800 person. Moreover, they do their best to reach remote areas in rural Quneitra such as (Al Atem, Al Sendyane and Ain Alnoria) to help people and alleviate their suffering.

Publishing RFL program in Quneitra:

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Quneitra branch communication team started many field visits in a step of publishing the RFL program in the governorate of Quneitra, which is carry out by the International Committee of Red Cross in Syria. where the team visited on Sunday 9/11/2014 three shelters in Al Koom and Khan Arnabe areas, explaining how the ICRC response to find missing people and reuniting families separated by the conflict in Syria. In addition, they provided the beneficiaries with contact list for more informations and how could they take advantage of this program to find their lost relatives

Fadi Mousa, a volunteer with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Quneitra branch

My name is Fadi Mousa, and I’m a first aid team volunteer. I’ve been working as a paramedic in Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Al Quneitra since the beginning of Syrian crises in 2011. I chose this field because helping people especially these days is a priceless thing; even if it’s a huge responsibility. I took a part in many important missions, such as evacuating civilians from Beer Ajam area and transferring cases from Al Quneitra to Damascus hospitals. Once we received an emergency call to transfer a very sick girl from Al- Hamedeia area in Al-Quneitra to Abaza hospital;… Read More »

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