Water team secure potable water in Quneitra governorate

In the last few months, water supply was a big challenge to residents and in particular to displaced people in Quneitra, nevertheless SARC’s water team was able to secure clean water back again. The team reached areas that have no water resource such as Thbiah and Al Sndieanah in Al Koom, in a step to count the areas which need water badly and provided it in cooperation with water establishment. Clean and sterile water reached monthly to more than 33000 person in Al Quneitra due to volunteers insisting to help. SARC water team with support from the International Committee of… Read More »

International Humanitarian Law workshop in Al Boteha sub-branch

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Quneitra branch held a workshop on the International Humanitarian Law on 25th February. The workshop, which was organized by the communication team and took place at Al Boteha sub-branch, contained presentations about the basic principles of IHL, safe access, and the main principles of Red Cross and Red Crescent movement. The sessions were conducted by two SARC’s trainer from Quneitra branch and attended by 30 volunteer.

Delivering a generator to the bakery in Quneitra

The main bakery in Quneitra governorate had a malfunction due to the frequent power collapse . Therefore, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent delivered a generator with 150 K.V.R to the mentioned bakery  that put it to work with  production capacity  of 8 tones per day. The generator is provided by International Committee of Red Cross.

Operational Update –Quneitera Branch January 2015

The Syrian Arab Red CrescentQounitera branch carried out various activities and services in January 2015. These services were delivered by the branch and its sub-branches in Hadar and Al-Bteha areas.   Relief Syrian Arab Red Crescent tried to cover the affected people’s needs of in almost all the areas in the governorate, they distributed relief materials to 10000 person in the shelters and residents places. The disaster management team contributed removing the snow from the roads during the last snowy storm. 11000 Beneficiary family from Syrian Arab Red Crescent relief materials in Quneitra, included 62688 person and 36462 of them… Read More »

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