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Volunteers in their Mobile Teams Draw “One Smile”

Within the framework of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) joint project, the SARC Counseling Center for Psychosocial Support and PSS mobile teams  held a psycho-social support activity for about 300 children, elderly and people of special needs. The activity, which was launched on the occasion of  the new year had the title of “One Smile”. This one-day activity targeted seven various centers: Al-Farah Shelter, the Elderly Care Home in Obstetrics Hospital, Syriac Orthodox Home for Elderly Care, Al-Mabara Al-Islamiya, children with cancer in University Hospital, Bukra Ahla School and Armenians Orphanage. It aimed to bring… Read More »

36 Volunteers Joined Fields of First Aid

Hama SARC’s trainers launched a First Aid training course on 23-25/12/2014. The course aimed to support new volunteers with information about the International Humanitarian Law, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, First Aids and What to do for Causalities of bleeding- respiratory injuries- cuts and breaks. The certificates were handed out to participants on the end of the course.

Ambulance response team after the fall of shells

The first aid teams of SARC’s Raqqa branch responded this morning to reports received by the fall of the shells in the neighborhoud of Masaken Euphrates basin,  where the team headed to the National Hospital in order help the medical staff,  another team headed to the site andtransfereed the injuries to the National Hospital in Raqqa

Humanitarian Aid Convoy reach Northern Rural Idleb

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent Idleb branch sent a humanitarian aid convoy consisting of 25 trucks loaded with food parcels and hygiene kits and other relief materials to Northern Rural Idleb (al-Qah – Atmah) in coordination with all parties on the ground. The convoy consisted of food parcels, hygiene kits in addition to water purification materials and children medicines with a support from the UNICEF, UNHCR and WFP. The distribution of these material continues in eleven camps accommodate around 2552 families with the supervising of SARC Idleb branch volunteers. Our aim is to deliver the aid to people in need..we… Read More »

Water returns to more than 200 thousand people in Rural Deir Ezzor

The joint water project of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the International Committee of the Red Cross finished the construction works of the river jurf of al-Kasra station which benefits more than 200 thousands people from Rural Deir Ezzor governorate. These works was a result to the abundance of water flow in Euphrate river recently which led to the collapse of the river jurf between al-Kubr and al-Kasraaa water plants. The works include removing the remnants of the collapsed  jurf and paving it with Basalt rocks. It is worth mentioning that al-Kubr water station provide water to al-Kasra station… Read More »

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