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National Vaccination Campaign program

 The National Vaccination Campaign program  Feb 2015 covered  ‪SARC- Homs‬ dispensary in Alghouta area. The campaign is launched to avoid the babies some serious diseases like the polio. The campaign’s total  beneficiaries was 1622 child including 275 baby who were under one-year.

Workshop on “Leishmaniasis”

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo held a workshop on Leishmaniasis disease (diagnosis and treatment). The four-day workshop,  which is supported by he International Committee of the Red Cross, took place in Leishmania Center  in al-Furqan area. The workshop was attended by 15 doctors who work in SARC’s dispensaries, SARC’s sub-branches in Aleppo countryside and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. It involved  both theoretical and practical sessions that covered issues of diagnosing the disease, types of Leishmaniasis , aggravation and treatment.

Sheltering Kits are distributed in Aleppo City

The sheltering team at the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Aleppo Branch carried out rehabilitation operations to the under construction buildings, which are  inhabited by displaced people,  in different areas of Aleppo city. In the same context, they distributed sheltering kits to fifteen families who reside in Maisaloun area , and  fifty familis reside in  Al-Qala’aji square. On the other hand, the team work hand in hand with the local community individuals on rehabilitating some buildings in New Aleppo area with beneficiaries of seven families.

Volunteers Escort a new Humanitarian Case

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo managed to secure safe humanitarian crossing for one case through  Bustan AlQasr – AlMasharqa Humanitarian Crossing Point. The patient were transferred to attain the needed medical care and treatment. It is worth mentioning that the patient had an arterial ischemia, acute renal failure , cerebral infarction and sever hepatitis infection.

Medical Supplies to al-Ihsan Charity dispensary

The field intervention team at the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Aleppo branch delivered medical supplies, which are dedicated to dialysis sessions, to  al-Ihsan Charity’s  dispensary in eastern part of Aleppo city.  The  supplies, which will help patients with renal failure to improve, were transported by poor transportation means  through Bustan AlQasr – AlMasharqa Humanitarian Crossing Point.

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