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PSS Counseling Center Came in the Second Place in Syrian Special Olympics

Counseling Center for PSS was invited to participate in the Syrian Special Olympics – Aleppo Initiative Program, Family Supporting Program and AlNa’em Friends Club for people with special needs. SARC – Aleppo Participated in “The Best Handiwork” which honors the mothers of children with disabilities. The Counseling Center was represented by Mr. Yasser Sabouni and Lina Qataya, who participated with a (Carigami) handiwork. The team came the second after AlHikma Center team, who participated with handmade accessories. Several societies participated in this competition including AlNa’em friends club, AlRajaa institution, hand by hand, AlMahaba family, AlNur family, Child protection Club, Saint… Read More »

Delivering Aid and Holding Several Meetings in Eastern Aleppo

A joint team of Syrian Arab ‪‎Red Crescent – Aleppo branch and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees delivered shipments of‪ ‎humanitarian aid to eastern neighborhoods of ‪‎Aleppo city. This was carried out by collaboration of ‪‎UNHCR delegation in Syria,  SARC’s Aleppo branch director and some board members along with the efforts of 42 volunteers passing through Bustan AlQasr – AlMasharqa Humanitarian‪ Crossing Point and by using primitive means of transportation. Delivered aid included 15 hospital beds, several chronic medicines and pediatric syrups. These supplies, which are supported by UNHCR, will help meet the needs of 5000 to 6000 patients. They also delivered 150 food parcels, supported by ‪‎WFP,… Read More »

SARC Homs Operation Update – January 2015

 SARC Homs Operation Update – January 2015 Facts and numbers 34 aid trucks entered Al Waer area. 10565 beneficiaries benefited from the mobile and fixed clinics services. 46300 children benefited from the activities of the psycho social support. Headlines Relief aid entered Al Waer area for the second time on three stages during two months. 6 aid squads responded to affected people by a car explosion. Supported by ICRC, water and sanitation teams managed to stop the spread of epidemics by applying the garbage disposal project. Distribution of 23 wheelchairs in Deir Balba and 202 walking sticks in different areas… Read More »

SARC Responses to Ensure Continuity of a Pediatric Hospital

Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo branch’s teams (field intervention, health care & water and sanitation) in cooperation with the International Committee of Red Cross succeeded in delivering and installing a new electricity generator, supported by ICRC , to the only pediatric hospital in eastern part of Aleppo city as well as starting maintenance work to its old generator. This mission falls in SARC urgent response to ensure continuity of work in the only pediatric hospital in eastern part of Aleppo after its old generator had broken down making the hospital out of service for the last two days. The number of children benefiting from this hospital’s services, which NICU… Read More »

The relief aid convoys arrives in Almushrifa and Talbissah areas

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Homs Branch managed to deliver a convoy of 16 aid trucks  to Almushriffa and Talbissah areas on Thursday 26.02.2015. The mentioned convoy carried various relief items like food parcels, flour, rice, family hygiene parcels, baby diapers, elderly wheel chairs, sticks, mosquito nets, and medicines which are supported by WFP, UNICEF, IOM, and WHO.   Photo: SARC Homs /  Ahmad Al Khateb ‏

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