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Relief team still responds in Al Wafedeen camp

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Quneitra branch relief team in Al Boteha sub branch carried out distributing relief materials to the displaced people in Alwafdeen camp and the sheltering centers there (boteha 1, boteha2, mehanya). They provided food and health parcels for more than 2300 families in March . The Relief team in Alboteha sub branch is committed to main principles of Syrian Arab Red Crescent in fulfilling their humanitarian duty.

Advanced First aid course in Al-Tall

Based on principle of humanity  and the necessity to help affected people all around the country, the relief of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Rural Damascus branch launched an advanced first aid course in Al-Tall sub- branch. The course, which brought together  32 volunteers, addressed didactic and practical training for eight constant days. It is worth mentioning that  the trained team is the first to work in Al-Tall city and its neighboring villages.

Anti Lice & Scabies Medicals Reaches Aurem AlKubra

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent –Aleppo branch’s field intervention and health care teams passed through Aleppo – Damascus International Highway and delivered 3000 bottles of Benzyl Benzoate and 3000 bottles of Cidal lice  shampoo  to Aurem AlKubra area. Theses medicals are unique for lice and scabies treatments . The mentioned delivered materials were supported by The World Health Organization to be distributed to the most affected peoplein the mentioned area.  

Deliver Medication Packages via Damascus – Aleppo International Highway

Syrian Arab Red Crescent –Aleppo branch’s field intervention and health care teams passed Aleppo – Damascus International Highway and delivered three batches of medication packages (obstetrics and gynecology), three packages of anti-diarrheal drugs and five packages of primary health care supplies to western and northern Aleppo countryside. Delivered packages were distributed to SARC sub-branches in Tal Rifa’at, Ezzaz and Aurem AlKubra to insure continuity of providing the needed primary health care.  

Escorting Humanitarian Cases through Frontlines

Field intervention team in SARC –Aleppo branch continues providing safe front-line crossing through Bustan AlQasr – AlMasharqa Humanitarian corridor. The team has recently escorted 51 humanitarian cases,  30 of which were crossed back after taking the needed medical care, while the other 21 were crossed to receive the proper medical management. The team also crossed back one corpse of a humanitarian case, which had been crossed to receive treatment but unfortunately  passed away before  that, and had reached it to his family.    

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