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“Hygiene Promotion” Campaign is launched in Quneitra

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent Quneitra branch launched “Hygiene Promotion” campaign that aimed to target children and mothers. The campaign is to raise awareness on healthy habits and adopted precautions to avoid infectious diseases. The campaign contains field visits to schools and shelters in: (Khan Arnebah, Alkoom, Jeba, Al Baath City, Al Mshaqaq). The team noticed cases of (Hepatitis, Scabies, Lice) therefore they applied the suitable actions that prevent the spread  of these diseases. On the same time the team delivered an educational session to mothers on these diseases and how to protect their children from it. The teams  also carried out educational and entertaining activities with children… Read More »

SARC Monitors Relife Aid Distribution Process

Follow – up team in Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent monitored the  humanitarian relief aids distribution process, which carried out by different relief committees in Aleppo. The team attended the distribution process that executed by Sanabel AlKhair Committee. Sanabel AlKhair distributed aids to 607 families, including 3284 individuals, residing in AlFaid and AlMala’ab AlBaladi areas. It is noteworthy that Sanabel AlKhair Committee distributes relief items in Baron Street, AlTilal, AlJamiliya, AlIsma’eliya, AlFaid and AlMala’ab AlBaladi areas.    

Front-lines Crossing to Insure Potable Water Provision

To insure continuity of supplying potable water to Aleppo, Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo field intervention team delivered Chlorine to the Pumping Station in Sulaiman AlHalabi after crossing front-lines. The team and at the same time escorted 13 Water Authority workers to safely cross front- lines and reach the station.  

Psychiatric medications to an Elderly Care Home in Old Aleppo

Syrian Arab Red Crescent –Aleppo branch’s health care and field intervention teams delivered a batch of neurological and psychiatric medications to residents of Dar AlSafa’a Elderly Care Home in AlMashattiya, Old Aleppo. The delivered medications, which are supported by World Health Organization, through Bustan AlQasr – AlMAsharqa Humanitarian Crossing Points will help provide the needed medicines to 112 patients residing the home for more than 60 days.  

Rain drainage return to work in Al-Madineh Al-Riadeeh

Water and Sanitation team in SARC Lattakia branch in collaboration with the  United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund cleaned the drainage of rain in Al-Madineh Al-Riadeeh. The cleaning process covered  about 850 meters( which stopped its potential in Water discharge for over a year and half.) Also, after the completion of clean the drainage of rain,The team  also  closed all the  rain leakage nozzles that  prevent dirt accumulation.

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