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WHO Representative Visits Aleppo City

The World Health Organization representative to Syria , Ms.Elizabeth Hoff,  arrived into Aleppo city with her accompanied delegation. Ms. Hoff visited SARC’s Aleppo branch and met with Dr. Mohammad Walid Sankari, Head of Board Management,  Mr. Hail Assi, Branch Manager and some field team leaders and health care workers. During the meetings the management shed the light to SARC – Aleppo response regarding health care sector and health promotion.  

Hygiene Promotion Team Continues Leading Awareness Campaigns

SARC – Aleppo hygiene promotion team continues on their awareness campaigns in several areas in Aleppo. However, they recently launched a campaign that targeted 130 children residing Al-Hasoub Building,  sheltering centre. The campaign  shed lights to the  the importance of hands washing , teeth  brushing,  bacterial infections’ mode of transmission  and how to avoid it. Information was given to children in interactive activities after distributing a bar of soap to each child.  

Distributing Aids to Families Residing in Tishreen Association (Nama’a)

Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo branch through its relief and assessment teams continues distributing aids to the most vulnerable families. Relief team in AlHamdaniya Center distributed humanitarian aids to 305 affected families, including 1719 individuals, residing in Tishreen Association (Nama’a). The distribution was distinguished with the participation of one of SOS teams, which provided food parcels, while SARC team distributed shelter items and carpets, which are supported by UNHCR.    

in Jibrin Shelter

The Water team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent – ‪‎Aleppo branch installed with a support from United Children’s Fund (UNICEF) finished the installation of Oxfam water (capacity of  35 m2).The tank was installed at the Industrial City Shelter in Jibrin, in which 250 families are sheltering.

Follow-UpTeam Supervises Aid Distribution

Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo branch’s follow-up team continue supervising the progress of distributing aids by relief committees in Aleppo. In this context, the team supervised distributing of relief aids by Social Service of Madares AlAhad in AlMasharqa and AlJala’a areas. In this visit, Social Service distributed relief items to 287 families including 1448 individuals. The number of families benefiting from this committee is nearly 3000.

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