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Follow-UpTeam Supervises Aid Distribution

Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo branch’s follow-up team continue supervising the progress of distributing aids by relief committees in Aleppo. In this context, the team supervised distributing of relief aids by Social Service of Madares AlAhad in AlMasharqa and AlJala’a areas. In this visit, Social Service distributed relief items to 287 families including 1448 individuals. The number of families benefiting from this committee is nearly 3000.

Red Crescent volunteers discuss international humanitarian law

Syrian Arab Red Crescent Communication team has continued his activities in publishing  the principles of International Red Cross and Red Crescent and the basic principles of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), where the team finished a workshop in Quneitra which included a variety lectures on the principles of IHL, safe access for volunteers who works in the field of violence or conflict armed and correct use of the emblems of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. about 35 volunteers participated in the workshop and lectures were given by trainers from the branch. Volunteers confirmed the importance of knowledge IHL and its… Read More »

Providing Safe Front-line Crossing for Humanitarian Cases

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – ‪‎Aleppo branch’s field intervention team continues its humanitarian aids by  provide safe front-line  crossing through Bustan AlQasr – AlMasharqa Humanitarian ‪‎Crossing Points. Yesterday, the team escorted 29 humanitarian cases, 15 of which crossed back after receiving the needed medical treatment, while the other 14 are still under medical observation.  

Building up a Telecom team at Rural-Damascus Branch

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent constantly  works on  building capacity and skills of its volunteers at the field work, in order to be able to  deliver humanitarian services efficiently. For this purpose , a Telecom Radio workshop  was held for three days (1-3 March 2015) . The workshop brought together 17 volunteers from different Rural-Damascus’ sub-branches and centers. The workshop included scientific information on modern radio communications systems and way to build these systems and how to operate it in the  Syrian Arab Red Crescent organization. This workshop also included practice on the operation system(repeater and fixed stations). The volunteers were trained… Read More »

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