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SARC – Aleppo Escorts a Child through the Humanitarian Crossing Point

The eight-year old A.R is in constant pain because of an old injury that caused her a broken leg and the amputation of the other leg, but nevertheless she keeps on smiling. Her parents applied to SARC-Aleppo to study her case and health care team responded to that. Afterwards, field intervention team provided safe crossing for the child through AlMasharqa Bustan AlQasr Humanitarian Crossing Point. This crossing is in order for the child to receive the proper medical management and then bring her back to her parent’s home in AlSukkari.

The ICRC Head of Delegation in a visit to SARC’s branch in Homs

On 2nd of Feb 2015,  the Syrian Arab Red Crescent  Homs branch president Dr. Motaz Al Atassi received the Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) delegation to Syria Marianne Gasser During the visit, the delegation was briefed on the last developments on the ground in health and relief services. The delegation visited the central operation room, first aid center, medical clinics, dispensary, gynecological and obstetrics hospital, and disaster management center. The delegation also made a tour in Homs old city and was acquainted with the provided services to beneficiaries. Ms ‎Marianne reassured that the ICRC exerts all… Read More »

Maintenance Work for water tanks and Water Cycles in Tishreen Housing Association

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent water team in Aleppo  finished maintenance work for water tanks and water cycles in Tishreen Housing Association. This work brought tanks and WCs back to service so people can benefit from them. Maintenance work, which is supported by the International Committe of the Red Cross (ICRC), will help provide water and sanitation services to about 800 families of 4000 affected persons.

Safe Crossing for Humanitarian Cases

Sabri is a five year-old boy who receives chemotherapy to fight acute lymphocytic leukemia with meningeal metastases. He experienced severe bleeding requiring urgent platelets transfer to him. Ahmad S. is a fifteen year-old young man who has hemophilia that impairs his body’s ability to control blood clotting. His health condition deteriorated also requiring infusion of factor VIII. Sabir and Ahmad are two of 16 #humanitarian cases that SARC – Aleppo field_intervention team provided safe crossing to through Bustan Al-Qasr – AlMasharqa Humanitarian Crossing_Point in order for them to receive the proper medical care. The team also provided safe crossing to… Read More »

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