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A Range of Medications Reach Eastern Aleppo and Northern Aleppo Countryside

Health care and field intervention teams in Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent delivered a new batch of pediatric medications through Bustan al-Qasr – al-Masharqa Humanitarian Crossing Points. Those medications, which are supported by World Health Organization (WHO), will be distributed in active hospitals and dispensaries in eastern part of Aleppo city. In the same context, teams have also succeeded to deliver a range of chronic and psychiatric medications to northern Aleppo countryside. Mentioned medications were also supported by WHO and will help alleviate suffering of needy patients in the area.  

British Red Cross to Homs with priority of Improving livelihood

In the framework of livelihood improvement project, British Red Cross delegation paid a visit to SARC’s- Homs Branch on March 25th 2015. The delegation was composed of Mr. Azeem Nourani, Food Security & Livelihoods delegate and Dr. Hosam Faysal, the Syrian Crisis Program Manager. The visit was aimed to improve the beneficiaries’ livelihood projects, which have a major role in upgrading benefitted families to be actively working ones with real income. The delegation was welcomed by Dr. Motaz Al Atassi, Chairman of the Board in SARC’s – Homs Branch. Then they made a field briefing tour to some livelihood activities,… Read More »

certifications are awarded to Human Resources staff

 The  board management at SARC Homs branch  held a meeting  on March 19th  2015 that attended by the human resources staff members. The meeting was aimed to distributing certificates to the mentioned staff who had attended “The Human Resources” workshop held in February. Dr. Motaz Al Atassi, the Head of the board management, and Ms. Dena Al Droubi, the head of the human resources, distributed the certificates.

Delivering Medications and Medical Equipment to 12000 Beneficiaries

Health care and field intervention teams in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo branch  managed to deliver a batch of medications and medical equipment to  hospitals in AlSha’ar and AlMa’adi areas. The mentioned medications, which are supported by WHO and UNFDP, target 12000 beneficiaries. Moreover, these medications  will ensure safe births at those hospitals.  

Dialysis Sessions Supplies were Delivered to Old Aleppo

The  SARC – ICRC joint team passed Bustan AlQasr – AlMasharqa Humanitarian Corridor  and successfully delivered Dialysis session materials (enough for 300 sessions) along with the needed  medical equipment, serums, filters and   600 heparin vials. Those materials and equipment were delivered to Dialysis center in Jib AlQuba, Old Aleppo.  

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