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و أسمتها ” مـــريـــم “

طفلة ذات شهر واحد تُركت لوحدها امام عيادة طبيب في منطقة نهر عيشة لتلاقي مصيراً مجهولاً بين الموت او حيوات تختلف بين الكريمة و المشردة و غيرهما , لكن شاء القدر أن يجدها قلب حنون عقيدته الإنسانية و الاستعداد الدائم لخدمة جميع الناس دون أي استثناء , نعم إنها ميسم المتطوعة في فرع ريف دمشق لمنظمة الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري , اتصلت ميسم بعمليات وحدة إدارة الكوارث بفرع دمشق على الرقم 0965666633 الذي قَدِم الى المكان برفقة متطوعين من فريق الإيواء و ” قسم حماية الطفل “.مريم الآن في رعاية “مجمع لحن الحياة ” التابع لجمعية صندوق الرجاء أوصلتها أيـدٍ… Read More »

Water Network at Front-lines were Maintained

Efforts of water & sanitation and field intervention teams in Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent carried out maintenance work to the water and sewage network in Masaken Al-Sabeel (Al-Ashrafiya hill), which is a front-line area. Maintenance work, which was fulfilled  with approval of all parties on ground, will bring drinking water back to Al-Ashrafiya, Al-Sheikh Maqsoud and parts of Masaken Al-Sabeel and Al-Rahman Mosque.  

SARC Delivers Bread to Yalda, Babbila and Beit Sahm on Daily Basis

In the framework of the Bread Project, the Disaster Response Unit in SARC- Damascus branch keeps on delivering fresh bread to the affected people in Yalda, Babbil and Beit Sahm areas. On April 12th 2015, the volunteers started on delivering 12000 bread bags- enough for 62700 person- on daily basis to the mentioned areas. This response comes  in cooperation with SARC -HQ and the International Committee of the Red Cross in Damascus and United Nations OCHA . The bread quantities are delivered to the  local committees that represents all concerned parties in order to be distributed.    

SARC – Aleppo Fights Lice Outbreaks in Schools

Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and through its different teams continues fighting the outbreaks of lice in several schools in Aleppo. In this regards, SARC – Aleppo hygiene promotion team held awareness activities for children in 1070 buildings area in Al-Hamdaniya. Sessions, which targeted 2033 children and 70 teachers, involved giving information on means of  lice contagiousness  and how to avoid it, as well as instruction on using lice treatment shampoo. These all were presented to children in interactive ways. The team also distributed detergents to children and teachers at the end of the activity.    

SARC Delivers Jerry Cans to Eastern Part of Aleppo

Syrian Arab Red Crescent –Aleppo branch succeeded in delivering five trucks loaded with jerry cans (plastic water containers) to eastern parts of Aleppo after coordinating with all parties on ground. Delivered jerry cans were supported by ICRC and will help provide safe water to the affected in those areas. Date: April 21st, 2015

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