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In Hama, Kirnaz city receives aid for the first time after two years

On  February 14th,  2015 The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Hama branch teams had an access to the town of Kirnaz in the northern rural areas of Hama for the first time since 2012. The teams provided sufficient food aid for 341 Internal Displaced People and affected families. “People in Kirnaz has suffered lack of the different life-sustaining resources through the crisis. They are in dire need for mattresses, blankets, sheets and food supplies”, said Abu-Mahmood, one of the residents in Kirnaz. For his part Dr. Fadi Ayyash, the president of SARC’s Hama branch, noted that Hama SARC Brach has spared… Read More »

Reconstruction Project to harbor 120 families in Hisyah

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent Sheltering teams in Homs branch carried out a project of reconstructions and shelters rehabilitation in Hisyah industrial city. The project aimed to improving shelters and wooden rooms in order to help 120 affected families, who reside in uninhabitable shelters. It is worth noting that the project was supported by International Organization of Immigration (IOM) which offered 100 shelter kits. The mentioned kits contain: carpentry box, planks, MDF planks, wooden partitions, insulators, curtains and other items. [/g_slider]

Continuous Response to Water Shortage in Aleppo

As a part of the continuous response to water shortage suffers in Aleppo, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent -Aleppo field intervention team provided safe front-line crossing to both of the Water Institution’s  maintenance team and the electricity maintenance team. The teams, who arrived safely in Sulaiman AlHalabi area, carried out the demanded frequent maintenance works to the  sanitation station and electricity plant in there.  

“The Magic Shop” Activity Eliminates Children’s Negative Feelings

Within the framework of the psycho-social support project, the consultancy center launched “the magic shop” activity that targeted 15 children. The activity is aimed to enable the children identifying his negative and positive feelings, and how to eliminate the negative feeling and boost the positive one. The SARC’s volunteers set up the place to look like an attractive magical shop, and start a chat with the children. Each volunteer had a chat with one child and involve in a feeling exchange process, which in turn allow the  child to get rid of his negative feeling and have a positive one… Read More »

Activities to Raise Children’s Personal Hygiene Awareness

Since children are the most vulnerable segment in all societies, SARC’s psycho- social support team spare no efforts to support them by its mobile teams’ volunteers. However, raising the personal hygiene awareness is highly important to be focused on by the team. Therefore,  the volunteers held  activities in cooperation with UNICEF regarding  this issue and  targeted 140 children in Al-Moujammaa Al-Taalimi  and Saidah Zeinab Mosque centers.

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