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SARC Carried Out Power Line Repairs in Several Areas in Eastern Aleppo

Field intervention team of Syrian Arab ‪‎Red Crescent – ‪‎Aleppo branch has done several maintenance interventions during February 2015 in order to repair power lines in eastern part of Aleppo city. Maintenance work was carried out after coordinating with all parties on the ground and was conducted on three stages to involve all of the following neighborhoods: Jib AlQuba, Qerluq and AlMashatiya in ‪ Old Aleppo which brought ‪‎electricity back to mentioned areas.

SARC Aleppo branch delivers drinking water in Aleppo

To ensure sustained water supply to all areas, Syria Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo branch’s water and sanitation team and International Committee of Red Cross installed 8 tanks of 2 mm2 (2000 liters) supported by ICRC. They also provided taps to water wells in Qalet Sharif area as well as a pump to one of the wells that they installed a tank on. It is noteworthy that the mentioned area has been suffering from water shortage for a long period of time.

Conclusion of Awareness Activity for Pregnant Women in CFS

Counseling Center for Psycho-social Support (‪‎Child Friendly Space), which is a part of‪ SARC – ‪‎UNICEF PSS joint project, concluded pregnant women-targeting awareness sessions. These sessions were held to 21 women and included tips and advices on taking care of themselves and of babies they are carrying as well as looking after newborns. The activity also included distributing special equipment for pregnant women supported by ‪‎ICRC and included baby bathtub, emergency deliverance kit, hygiene items, diapers, newborn’s clothing and clothes for pregnant women.

Continuing to Provide Safe Frontline Crossing for Humanitarian Cases

Syrian Arab Red Crescent – ‪‎Aleppo branch’s field intervention team continue escorting ‪‎humanitarian cases to provide safe crossing through Bustan AlQasr – AlMasharqa Humanitarian ‪‎Crossing Point. On Wednesday , the team escorted 29 humanitarian cases, 15 of out them crossed back after receiving the needed medical management, while the other 24 crossed to obtain the proper medical care.    

“You Are Important” Activity for CFS-friend Children

Volunteers of Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo branch Counseling Center for Psycho-social Support (Child Friendly Space) continue holding activities to the most vulnerable. “You Are Important” was one of those activities that targeted 22 CFS-friend children. This activity motivated children’s sense of gratefulness and prevented them from being ungrateful to people who had helped them.

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