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Distributing food and non-food Humanitarian aid

The relief and assessment teams in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo Branch  distributed food and non-food humanitarian aid with a support from the World Food program (WFP) and the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR). On one hand, the relief team in al-Hamadanieh distributed food and non-food aid including sanitary items, insulators and blankets  to 629 families (total to 3329 individuals) in Tishreen Housing Association. On the other hand, the team distributed carpets and mats  due to the exceptional cold weather.      

Relief teams continue responding in Quneitra

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent Relief team in Quneitra branch continue distributing relief materials which contained ( food and health parcels, scrubs, and blankets) with beneficiaries of  8000 persons  in areas of Khan Arnabe, Al Baath city, Alkoom, and Jeba. Also Hadar sub-branch used bulldozers  to distribute relief materials to the people who were stucked indoors due to the snowy storm.

SARC Supported Technicians get thorough AlBayada Area

In cooperation with all active parties on ground, SARC’s Aleppo field intervention team accompanied with  technicians specialists had been to AlBayada in order to reform a power line there. This maintenance work will bring electricity back to AlBayada, which is one of Old Aleppo neighborhoods and considered a hot spot.

Cold Weather Raises Volunteers’ Motivations

The more difficult the weather became, the more SARC’s Aleppo volunteers rush to help the affected  people and the most vulnerable groups, who missed the least elements required for warm: the shelter. In this context, SARC-Aleppo relief team in cooperation with SARC Relief Committee in Bustan AlZahra and AlMasharqa distributed winter clothes, which are supported by UNICEF, to 130children of 75 families in two unfinished buildings and two shelters in AlMasharqa. Despite the extraordinary cold weather, relief team also delivered several relief items to affected people including isolators, mattresses, blankets and winter clothes. Distributions were conducted in various areas in… Read More »

Humanitarian Cases are Escorted by SARC’s volunteers

The bad weather couldn’t hinder  the Syrian Arab Red Crescent ‘s performances in providing  humanitarian services. SARC’s Aleppo teams provided safe front-line crossing for eleven humanitarian cases through Bustan AlQasr- AlMasharqa Humanitarian Crossing point. Six of those cases were passed through  to receive the needed medical care, whereas five cases returned after receiving the appropriate  medical treatment.

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