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Operational Update – Hama Branch February 2015

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Hama branch carried out various activities and services on February 2015. However, the most prominant services were entering the city of Kirnaz and providing water supply to operate the waterwheel of Maardes area. Relief The Registration team registered full data for 454 affected and displaced people, while the assessment team processed  needs’ evaluations of 450  affected and displaced families both in sheltering centers and houses. The distribution team transported 57707 food parcels with beneficiaries of 247234 persons, 6617 parcels of food-conserved cans that benefited 34462 and 13783 flour bag that benefited 52176 persons. Regarding the relief items, the… Read More »

First Humanitarian Relief Aid Shipment Delivered to Deir Ezzor City

On Monday April 13th 2015, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the formal concerned authorities managed to deliver the first humanitarian relief aid shipment (food and health items) to Deir Ezzor city. No relief items have been delivered to the city since a year and a half. It is worth mentioning that the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and in coordination with the formal concerned authorities is going on exerting best efforts to deliver more humanitarian relief aid items to Deir Ezzor city.

SARC’s Hama branch response in al-Mabouja

Due to the Excessive displacement movement from from al-Mabouja village to Salamiyeh city, SARC’s, Hama branch responded urgently. SARC’s teams were the first to help Al-MAbouja IDPs,  and provided them with the first aid and relief services. Um Hasan, a displaced person and a mother to four children, described their misery situation “we escaped with nothing  but our wretched clothes. We are in dire need for mattresses, blankets, and food.” Said Um Hasan. Mr. Abdulkarim al-Shiehawi, head surrogate of SARC’s sub-branch, said that the sub-branch have already provided various relief items, including mattresses, blankets, food parcels, and kitchen kits to 185 IDP families. “we have… Read More »

Event on the World Water Day

In coincidence with the World Water Day “March 22nd”,  Hygiene promotion team launched a workshop on hepatitis disease since many cases has been spotted recently.  The workshop was attended by 103 woman, who were brought together from three different sheltering centers in the city. The workshop aimed raise awareness about hepatitis disease. It revealed theoretical information about the liver, its function, the hepatitis (the infection, disease, protection, treatment) and important instructions of using the collective WC in the sheltering centers. In addition, it contained  practical experiment of purifying water in houses (infiltration, deposition, sanitation) and sterilizing it by chloral tables. It is worth mentioning that hygiene… Read More »

Training Courses for SARC – Aleppo Volunteers

the Syrian Arab Red Crescent-Aleppo branch  and via a qualified staff   started  training courses in various fields. Courses will go on for three months and will provide volunteers with information about many basic subjects such as principles of first aid, advanced first aid, disaster management, psycho-social support principles, international humanitarian low (IHL), community based health and first aid (CBHFA) and hygiene promotion. About 300 volunteers who have recently joined SARC – Aleppo branch will benefit from those courses and workshops since those training aim to promote competence and increase readiness of volunteers in different SARC teams.    

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