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Garbage disposal project finished in Talbissah-Homs

At the end of December, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Talbissah sub-branch with a support from th International Committe of the Red Cross  started its garbage disposal project in order to stop the spreading of diseases and to protect the civilization. The project continues for 40 days. 1500 cubic meter were shifted to the litter bin which is 14 kilo meters far from Talbissah to Assaen.  

Relief items to Majbal AlZahra’a area in Aleppo

Due to the current cold weather Syrian Arab Red Crescent -Aleppo relief and assessment team attested the humanitarian situation of  65 families in Majbal AlZahra’a area.  On the following day, the team distributed relief items  including: food parcels, mattresses, blankets and isolators to 385 individuals out of them  170 children.

How to Prevent Lice

SARC-Aleppo hygiene promotion and psycho-social support mobile teams continue their awareness campaigns all over Aleppo city. Hygiene promotion team’s volunteers held an activity about how to prevent lice in a school in the east part of the city. Volunteers crossed Bustan AlQasr – AlMasharqa Humanitarian Crossing Point in the bad weather to reach the school. About 475 children benefited from the held activity.

Bad Weather Couldn’t Stop SARC Relief Work

Despite the bad weather as temperatures dropped to the lowest this season, SARC-Aleppo various relief teams continue distributing relief items in different areas throughout Aleppo. SARC-Aleppo team in Nile Street finished the first stage of distributing food and non-food items to the most vulnerable families in the first month of 2015. Distributed aids are food supported by WFP, hygiene products supported by ICRC and SARC, mattresses supported by ICRC, as well as blankets, kitchen kits, insulators and mats supported by UNHCR. The number of families benefiting from SARC Relief Center in Nile Street is 1957 families of about 9000 individuals.… Read More »

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