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A Story Between Difficulty of Travelling and Amputation Suffering

During the current crisis, some people lost their lower or upper limbs ; either they had an injury or their illness developed to the extent that they lost one of their limbs. On  April 2014, the Disaster management committee of SARC- Homs branch  insisted on forming a PWSN team. The team’s basic mission, which is done by some doctors and volunteers of the health awareness team, was to do a health survey and an assessment for the disabled people and to provide them by the necessary needs according to the survey and assessment data. Some cases needed follow up observation, so… Read More »

“Gathering and sewing”, a gallery of hand-made works

 The reproductive health project of SARC-Homs has extended its activities and carried out psycho-social support sessions. The sessions have been dedicated to the women who are unable to cop with their tough current situation. After providing the required materials to the mentioned women, it was a beautiful surprise that each of them sewed the most beautiful pieces of clothes. SARC-Homs team collected those pieces, especially which made by ladies who got back to their homes in the old city of Homs, and displayed them  in a gallery of hand-made works. They called the gallery  “Gathering and sewing”, that was held in Al Zihrawi archaeological palace in the… Read More »

Professional Training Projects for Beneficiaries are Launched in Homs

On April29th , SARC Homs branch – Akramah point and in collaboration with the Department of Education, opened the professional training center in Suleiman Al-Halabi school, in the Phosphate area, and in Abdo Khder Tlawe, in Al Zahra area. The joint work was launched with three training courses (household electricity, repairing mobiles and ICDL), so that 60 people will benefit from these courses. It is worth mentioning that the courses are free , and there will be more in the near future.

Distributing Mosquito Nets to Internally Displaced Families in al-Zahraa

Accumulated rubbish and swamps in several areas in Aleppo as well as summer approaching are the dangerous factors that cause rising in insects-borne infections such as leishmaniasis. This is why SARC – Aleppo hygiene promotion team carried out activities in Al-Hassoub Building, a sheltering center, and nearby tents in al-Zahraa. The team held awareness sessions for 80 mother, and concentrate on the leishmaniasis symptoms, means of transmission, treatment and prevention. Sessions were concluded with providing 230 mosquito nets to each family residing in the mentioned shelters, and with beneficiaries of 617 individuals.    

“Time for Advertisement” PSS Activity

With an aim to have the children  familiar and educated on the advertising subject, SARC’s psycho-social support  volunteers and in cooperation with the  UNICEF held an activity under the title “Time for Advertisement” for 48 children at Tishreen School. This sort of activities motivates the children’s creativity. “Time of Advertisement” discussed how to make an attractive advertisement using simple tools and how to show their positive aspects. Children were given some time to come up with their own advertisement and to perform it on stage in presence of a supervising volunteer. Afterwards, children voted for the best  advertisement. The activity was launched with… Read More »

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