My World …. SARC’s Lattakia Launched an Activity for Children

Within an activity launched by SARC’s Lttakia branch, 156 children in Hutteen School were asked to draw their own world through a piece of paper, cotton, stars, hearts, and some black pieces. The items suggested symbolic ideas, for instance the cotton refers to the good people and the stars refers to the beloved absent ones, while hearts refers to lovers. However, the plaster refers to bad people and the black pieces refers to the scary ones. SARC’s Lattakia psychologist Alisar Jdeed said “This activity is aimed to help the child to identify those who love and support him and so… Read More »

SARC’s Lattakia branch Response to Hiffa villages

For the first time since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, the SARC’s teams of Latakia branch were able to reach to some of ALHAFFE villages, about 27km eastern of Latakia city.  These villages have witnessed hard conditions during the last three years. Namely: “Tishreen, Maysalon, Rabia, Deauville, Bkas and Sherquaq”. The SARC volunteers of ALHAFFE sub-branch distributed food  and relief materials include: mattresses, blankets, kitchen sets, hygiene kits, jerry cans and mats and to 57 families returned recently to their homes in these villages. The SARC distributed these materials with a support from the International Committee of the… Read More »

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