Financial Management And Accounting System Training

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Homs Branch organized a training course on the financial management and the accounting systems. The two weeks course was held on Feb 5th 2015 and brought 17 participants together from SARC’s Homs Sub-branches. During the course, various subjects were on the table like: how to deal with dumping financial terms, filtering the monthly accounts, make the final accounts, how to compose accounts and how to set the financial filters and reports.

Activities of entertainments in al-Buhturi School in Ikrema area

The Child Protection team of SARC’s Ikrema point paid a visit to the school that witnessed recently painful explosions in Ikrema area in Homs.  The team carried out  psycho-social and educational entertainments that aimed to eliminate the children’s  negative feelings and sufferings. It is worth mentioning that these activities came in the  frame work of the Humanitarian Support joint project  between the SARC and UNHCR.

The Feminist Committee Threw a Charity Banquet

Based on their their believe to be in touch with the various local community classes, The Feminist Committee threw a breakfast charity banquet on  Feb 21st   . The event aimed to share breakfast with 120 people of the affected families and those who need help.    http://sarc.sy/cms/wp-admin/post.php?post=2520&action=edit

The Importance of the Polio Vaccine Activity

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – AL-Rastan sub-branch organized two day activity on the importance of the polio vaccine. This activity came along with the national campaign for polio vaccine, and aimed to raise the mothers’ awareness about this kind of diseases. The activity attracted the local residents with their children, and involved movie show, games and drawing sessions that concentrates on the same idea. Moreover, 1023  child were vaccinated during the activity.

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